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  1. Orange

    Space dog

    Please oh god yes!
  2. Orange

    Multiplayer saves!

    yea, or maybe private servers?
  3. Orange

    Multiplayer saves!

    yea, or maybe private servers?
  4. Oh yes please, and perhaps free form landing sites so we dont land on our existing space ships, cuz THAT happens
  5. Orange

    Ability to Delete saved games.

    This has been posted before, but yea, and rename them,
  6. Orange

    Idea - Space Station

    Space caravan!
  7. Orange

    YES MANS SKY (My 2 cents)

    All of this... It's just... STELLAR!
  8. Orange

    EVA in space! To get to asteroids.

    Yes, maybe have it require fuel to move effectively but you can have tethers working as a safety
  9. Orange

    EVA in space! To get to asteroids.

    Yes, maybe have it require fuel to move effectively but you can have tethers working as a safety line
  10. Orange

    Research Progression instead of random.

    Yes, and what about finding unique and or randomly generated stuff like modified batteries for efficiency or capacity or bigger solar panels that you cant craft but makes your base feel more individual, oh and maybe using tethers to connect stuff like wires, from a solar panel sitting on the ground to a base
  11. Orange

    Radar and Map System

    How about a comm or survey satellite so we can see connected beacons or relays (survey stations like for weather) and I don't care how it is done but good god we need to have a permanent home heading or beacon we can always see
  12. Orange

    Actual Bases - Read first.

    I love both ideas, but what if the walls were energy walls we have to power and such, and maybe even have simple if-then programming statement objects like if storm= then shield turn on
  13. Orange

    Environmental damage to base

    I love rope ideas, so we can finally go down into deep caves
  14. Orange


    This would be awesome and effective even if we have say 2 slots to store stuff on or make power lol, imagine it be terrain hug but short hops over caves
  15. I think that its only unbalanced if you use it that way, if you want to explore, just don't use it. I only use it for things like lithium that I can never find large enough quantities of by exploring.
  16. Orange


    Especially if they had space versions, I hope there is a peer to peer kind of system discovery, and social hubs sort of where people can trade and such problem is, in space, free flight, how would we do modules like this?
  17. Orange


    This is both random and unbalanced, I disagree with these... ideas
  18. Orange


    Even if our view was third person but sort of xray such as the top lifting off or something Maybe even have a smooth transition where the airlock is more of a building we build then expand from but you have to manually cycle it and stuff
  19. This would be great, and maybe it needs a special object?
  20. Definitely useful, except the hacker part since there is no point in that, yet. and make sure to include a screenshot and a world save of the bug?
  21. Orange

    Portable research station

    Think of mobile bases especially when space becomes a gameplay component
  22. Orange

    delete feature

    Why didn't this come with launch of the game? Its a vital feature
  23. Orange

    GPS or Location system.

    Oh god please yes I've been searching for my base for hours! I have a huge caravan so I cant just leave it behind
  24. Just, this, perfect! but survival should have no death limits and hard is permdeath if you have no capsule on the planet or within a certain range, along with the other difficulty enhancers. Now if only we had beacons which worked thru ground or the ability to freaking know where home is no matter where we are on planet
  25. Orange

    Drone and Robot Helpers

    I'd love this, maybe have drone pods and if they are on the side thing of your backpack they have 2 slots but if they are on the back they only have one? That balances them and say they are very clumsy, especially the excavator ones, and they work slowly and require fuel tanks that u have to keep in inventory?