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  1. I like to locate the north pole, and then spin several times, and then get lost.
  2. Looney Tunes

    A Plea From a Happy Dad

    Welcome to Astroneer, @Norm Clark ! I am a strong believer in teamwork + survival mechanic that allow everyone participating to do something. Be creative and think of things to do. I like to find new things to do - such as building monuments, or bridges between mountains, and make sure trucks or rovers can travel up there without flipping. Build four trucks. Try to ride as a group through the cavern undergrounds, and careful not to drive each other while clearing the path, etc. It's a fun survival game when one is in danger, your instinct to save the others kick in.
  3. Looney Tunes

    Anyone else have problems finding coal?

    I've gone and found between 16 to 24 Coal resources in one mining route deep down planet Terran. Just unlucky, I guess.
  4. Looney Tunes

    Crafted batteries vs. Printed batteries

    I do use tether lines and I discovered that your backpack maximum of 10 increased to 18 units with a battery pack do help with gun's use time. I have to release the gun very briefly to "recharge." That will happen when the rate of discharge is slightly faster or faster than the rate of recharge on the surface.
  5. Each bar is four units of power. A backpack has ten units of power. It costs 2 x Lithium for each printed Battery, which will provide 16 bars (or 64 units) of available power. It costs 1 x Lithium for each crafted Battery, that will give two bars (or eight units) of available power. Hypothetically, if you had 32 x Lithium as resources on hand with this knowledge about two types of batteries, would you avoid crafting a Battery and use 2 x Lithium to print a Battery, so you can free up all slots on your Backpack? Or to ask from another perspective, how many crafted Batteries would be reasonable to put on your Backpack at the most?
  6. I think Astroneer's vision will place a big emphasis on "physicalness" of everything. If this "backpack storage" unit automatically expands/unfolds when you pull it out of the backpack and onto the ground, then maybe that won't fit their vision. I do just fine with what I have on me, and try to stay near a vehicle 95% of the time. I have found ways to navigate underground with vehicles, so I just go with those. If you have to use long tether lines from the vehicle to the mining spot, then try to use less tether lines and keep your distance shorter. Does that make sense?
  7. Looney Tunes

    Change brush size

    I would be interested in changing colors of the surfaces as well. These paint/brush sizes is likely as Road Map shows "Creative Suite" on it.
  8. An AI agent in Pre-Alpha build would be totally hilarious where there's many bugs floating around. I think it's better to wait until most glitches have been cleaned up first.
  9. Looney Tunes

    Things you might didn't know you can do.

    1) Dig a deep hole. Run out of oxygen, and drop your backpack items in that hole. 2) Print an one-seat as an emergency kit. 3) Align the one-seat as it is about to tumble down the hole. 4) Get in the one-seat, and enjoy the ride!
  10. When starting a new game, I will place tether lines everywhere near the base, so I can get familiar with the area. When I am finished building the starter base, I will collect all tether nodes to be used underground, which is where tether lines are most effective. Tether lines light up the underground areas, which is a big plus.
  11. Amen to that! I want to see more of that vision and I like the clean feel to the game design so far. I feel fixing the bugs, glitches, and working on the existing features is so important this early on in the game. Adding in features so early on in Pre-Alpha will make it harder to iron out bugs for example.
  12. Looney Tunes

    Flattening surfaces

    Well, this thread discusses Steam roller type equipment, so I am looking for ways this is feasible and would be fun for everyone to use. Right now, we have the basic truck setup and using a Steam roller attachment behind the truck would just "flatten" the surface a bit but not all the way - maybe remove those stones if the stones is more than 50% of the volume above ground. I don't know how much time is actually saved by driving a truck through the bumpy terrain at a high speed. I would imagine the time wasted would be high due to glitches and truck flying off the rocks wedged into the ground. The truck itself would flip easily, even with practice we might run into one of many terrain glitches that cause problems with the truck's ability to move. That's why I brought up the crane but driving it at the same time. Yes, these future terrain tools will be on their way to us, so it is possible some of the terrain tools we try out will be discarded down the road. @Kafetist: I think you might be right about the requirement of a driveable crane taking up the entire truck - but then I can see mishaps happen in multiplayer that would cause problems for the host's save and the client is just in the way. i.e. A client notices the driveable crane type truck and wreck havoc easily, without intervention by the host to take the "terrain truck" away from the client. I imagine it would be due to the powerful nature of that terrain tool, and the client do not know what it does yet, would realize too late.. so operation of these terrain tools probably would have progression built in somehow. The reason I thought such as a vehicle would be operated by two persons in tandem would make the game more social and hands on. I think it would work out OK when that vehicle is operated by one person, though I can see it would be more fun working with another person. You can disagree with this one and say it is not efficient, you never know until you try this method - I think just sitting in the truck watching the host operate the crane would not work very well for the multiplayer mode. i.e. I have sat as a passenger scouting for possible locations to explore, but that's all I can do unless I hop out of the vehicle and go my separate ways. It's good to keep doing something else while riding the vehicle - how can something simple like flattening surfaces be an advantage for two persons? One driver will look and make sure the vehicle is not going into harm's way (survival aspect is huge here), and the operator will use the terraform tool on the backseat or the front seat. I think two sets of eyes would help each other keep each other safe from a vehicle crash - that is if you can get hurt from within the vehicle in the future builds of Astroneer.
  13. Looney Tunes

    Flattening surfaces

    Co-op multiplayer with one driver and one operator would work, wouldn't it?
  14. Looney Tunes

    Let us delete/move stations we built

    Welcome to Astroneer forums, @renzors06! I have seen this request pretty often.. See thread below.
  15. Looney Tunes

    Flattening surfaces

    Instead of Steamroller style attachment, why not a Hydraulic actuated industrial arm that will have an array of end tools? Think Crane but replace the drill with other end tool tips. That's the direction I feel this game's heading now - especially with farming on the Road Map.