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    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Starting with version 0.2.10119.0 the game began to develop in the wrong direction. The developers run the risk of ruining a great project and lose most of the players going on about cranky players who all want to see in games with high detail. I and most of my friends have stopped updating the game from version 0.2.10119.0 which began with stupid changes. for example: why ruined physics with needle mushrooms. Who came up with this stupid idea. A patch v0.2.122.0 completely discourage the desire to play it. It made the most stupid innovation. Comment: - why change the physics of the movement of the protagonist. He is now more like a drunken Russian bear that when walking is transferred from the side to the side. At first, it distracts from the game, after tired eyes, a few minutes later, already very angry. PLEASE DIRECT WALKING CHARACTER!!! - new capsule just awful. Why enter the nozzle to animate the skew correction of the capsule upon landing. WHY!!! It just spoils the game. This game is not designed to impress with its high detail initially. Its graphics are calm and reasonable. She does not want her, she is beautiful and your simple graphics that is not boring. That is why I drew attention to it and playing in it, began to recommend it to friends. And now everything is ruined. - a new kind of broken ships just hate how his appearance and attempts to climb up, look around and take something. In appearance, again, don't need ships complex form and detail. WE WANT IT BACK. If someone wants highly detailed and complex graphics, then let this be for separately in the MOD. And why is he not falling when digging. With him now not play. - a new kind of foundry. It's just awful. He turned from a normal, stupid mixer spewing flames. Please, return as it was. Especially annoying blue ring added to the capsule and foundry. Maybe this patch is still something added, but I could no longer tolerate these horrible updates, stopped playing and deleted it forever. For me, this game stayed in development. And I will continue to play with the same patch version v0.2.117.0 which satisfies me with all. But in General game development, any suggestions. For example, there are materials such as astronium and iron ore. You could find a use for them in the creation of a spacecraft with real rocket engines, which are also found during excavations. Astronium for example can be used as fuel for rockets, and iron ore to build a ship. And using this ship to fly to planets without waiting until they are in range. And this wait is very tiring.
  2. I do not understand what you're saying. In the screenshots are perfectly clear, the problem is that the game can save the game with the error. Which is saved and further save.
  3. Today I managed to find the reason for the absence of energy transfer to the Fuel platform. In one of the saves, the game made a mistake. When you start this save, the game no longer considers the fuel platform is part of its network. And load a previous save, its energy is transferred to the platform. In General, this is a problem of the game. if you do not want problems in the game, often make save and copy them to a separate folder.
  4. I also have this problem, I hope the programmers will understand. Today I posted new screenshots, hope they will help them to understand the problem of the game.
  5. The problem is that power is not supplied to the platform, the cells are not filled. This problem occurs if a database schema to build not for once, but in stages with the preservation and exit the game. Describe step by step: 1. entered the game 2. build the first platform 3. save the game 4. exit the game 5. included in the game 6. building a second platform 7. save the game 8. exit the game 9. included in the game 10. build solar panel 11. save the game and exit 12. enter the game, build a wind generator 13. save the game, exit the game 14. build Fuel platform AND AT THIS STEP it is SEEN THAT the ENERGY is NOT TRANSMITTED. That is, if you build a base gradually save and exit the game, and at the very last step to build the platform of the fuel, the energy it receives. THAT'S THE PROBLEM OF THE GAME. Apparently the program will cease to count the Fuel platform as an element of the whole scheme, but as a separate element unconnected with her, or IGNORES HER. 1. entered the game 2. create the whole database schema immediately AND EVERYTHING WORKS. HERE IS HOW THE PROBLEM OF THE GAME!!!
  6. The fuel platform is not energy. The database schema I created in several stages with the save. After its completion and fuel cell platforms, their energy is not charged. But if the database schema to create leveling the ground and for once cell energy fuel platforms charged. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?