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  1. d We found a structure that looks like Starport. It works when the battery is attatched. Even filled with oxygen! Is this the next update notice?
  2. There is an engine error on the ship. Please note that I attached the YouTube video link. The video is over 24mb and I only have to link to YouTube.
  3. As you can see on the YouTube video, connecting the Extender has the problem of cutting the electricity supply in half. I don't know what I missed and I don't know what the developer intended. Anyone know why connecting an Extender will cut the electricity supply in half?
  4. Thank you for your advice. I guess I'll have to give up the old truck and make a new one. Thank you for your help.
  5. The biggest problem in the Astroneer game is the vehicle. I made a big truck to collect the research data And there is a problem that the truck that descends downhill can not go up. It means that the propulsion of the truck is very weak and is not the most useless at this time. The problem is that everywhere the truck passes, it can not speed up due to small, multiple stones. I will delete the game until the developer fixes the problem with the current truck.
  6. Good morning.I have created a character and have played 100 hours so far, but dynamite research is not working. All the research items except dynamite have been researched, but until now 150 research materials have been researched, dynamite still not coming is this bug?
  7. What are the languages you see here? Does my forum look strange?
  8. I do not know if my computer is strange now or if the official forum was attacked. I have a lot of Korean. Is it my problem?