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  1. Its hard to say for sure what cause the drop. I don't thinks its a result of any recent changes though. It could be if something spawned that you hadn't explored yet and now that it has, you are seeing the perf issue. A test you can do to test this theory is to start a new game on the experimental branch and see what what perf looks like then. If you are seeing this in other games too, then this may indicate something recently changed in the system(e.g. driver update) that is the root cause. Note if you have a reboot pending due to Windows Update that can definitely impact perf.
  2. You should not experience any issues using the newer Kaby Lake CPUs. The compatibility issue with older AMD CPUs were that we used an instruction (PSHUFB) that was not supported. We've put some measures in place to make sure we catch problems like this. Newer CPUs support the older instructions 99.999% of the time. You just have to be careful that you don't use the newer CPU instruction on the older CPUs.
  3. @Courbet thomas after the 2nd loading screen, when you were returned back to the character selection screen, did you happen to select a character and land on the planet to see if you actually joined your brother's game? Our MP join screen and single player screen look identical. Hitting a 2nd loading screen means that a MP session is being created and your game is attempting to join it.
  4. Unfortunately, its mainly an issue with the Windows installs. As you can see most users have one or more necessary windows components missing from the System32 folder or out of date VC++ redist. If you are missing the ucrtbase.dll, this could result if Windows Update failed to install the component. Will you try to directly install it from MS: Win7: Win8: Also to make sure you have the latest redist, will you try installing the latest redist from MS: https://ww
  5. I'm back in the office and will start reaching out to each of you that I think I can help. Bare with me
  6. Unfortunately the GPU does not meet the minimum requirements. Astroneer has still not been optimized to quite run on integrated Intel GPUs. You could try to update your graphics driver in case that improves things ( But, we do encourage you to get a refund on Steam if you continue to have HW issues.
  7. If you restart Steam completely, the problem should go away. We think this is a bug in Steam and looking for a permanent fix.
  8. I'll try to speak to Epic about this issue. We are using Unreal Engine 4 and have not made any modifications to the audio subsystem. Hopefully we'll be able to get this bug logged with them.
  9. I may have come up with a fix for missing Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redist. Before we push out this fix we'd like to confirm that it indeed does fix the issue. If you are experiencing this issue please post the following check the following: Which OS are you running? If Win7, do you have SP1? Does ucrtbase.dll exist in C:\Windows\System32\ ? Does msvcp140.dll exist in C:\Windows\System32\ ? Does vcruntime140.dll exist in C:\Windows\System32\ ? In Add/Remove Programs (in control panel) do you see an entry called Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (x64)? and what version is
  10., it is very likely a GPU/Driver related issue, but I can not be sure without the crash dump. In the same folder you found the logs, there should a *.dmp file. If you DM that to me I can get more details on why the game crashed.
  11. We've been able to fix that bug. You should be receiving a patch soon that fixes the issue.
  12. Are you disconnected from the internet or firewall is blocking the game? On the Windows 10 Store version of the game we have a bug that you are unable to save when the game cannot access connected storage.
  13. @abeez3 Are you disconnect from the internet? We currently have a bug where saves don't work on the Windows Store version of the game if you are not connected to the internet.
  14. @abeez3 What platform are you running on?
  15. Generally when you see under utilization on the CPU & GPU it means some other resource is the bottleneck. We'll need to do some more HW testing to identify exactly what the bottle neck is.