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  1. Zuthorex - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    on windows its $24.95 where on steam its $19.99. and why get it on windows 10 app if you have a computer that can get it on steam. Only time I would use Windows 10 app is if i cannot find the game on steam or origin.
  2. Zuthorex - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    3 words... PC Master race
  3. Zuthorex - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    But with the week delay console users have buy then Pc users would have snooped out all the bugs and it would have been patched so there would be no point sending experimental patches to console. In the end if its a bad experimental patch and makes the game unplayable it will take another week to patch it where with pc they can patch it within the hour if not less
  4. Trees have all their colors when first loading the world but when reloading they all go the white bleach color but when walking around the new ones spawn with colors in them but go away with reload of save.
  5. Zuthorex - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    As much as you have a good point at the same time there is some testing that needs to be done and thats where steam comes in hand because we get updates instantly and is able to test the experimental branch before it goes into stable. So either way pc is going to get the update before console because they dont have their own testers, They rely on the steam community to report bugs in the experimental branch so that the stable branch is at least playable. Console takes ages because they need to go through an approval stage and thats just the way things are as much as it annoys console users
  6. Zuthorex

    What happened to this video

    In their live streams they did talk about adding some things back in the game such as automation, they took it out because they felt like it wasn't ready. Games can go through multiple phases untill they reach the final design. Like look at Rimworld. That game started as a zombie game but turned into something completely different.
  7. Zuthorex

    Make the game in 32 bit

    32 Bit? What is this 2016?
  8. Zuthorex - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    Because the game is in Pre-Alpha and i'm sure that it might be possible in the future although I don't think it will be anytime soon as multiplayer works through your friends list and not off dedicated servers. If you have a look at their road map https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning you can see they they have public multiplayer as a priority but I cannot say if it will be cross platform.
  9. Zuthorex

    Crane/Drill not very efficient.

    Same goes for the smelter when you don't have room for it place the refined resource down, Although I think this would be more use in the bugs section of the http://forum.systemera.net/forum/2-astroneer-bugs-crashes/
  10. Zuthorex

    Unimpressive Start for a would-be Developper

    I can't believe I made an account just so I can get into the action. I am in no way trying to insult the devs but more trying to say that I know they aren't professionals. If anything I think of them as amateurs, A couple of people who played games and talked about how great it would be to make a game on pure exploration and discovery. And so far they are doing a fantastic job and I thank them for the updates we got because the game is running a smooth 60FPS no matter how big my world gets. People get so worked up and they talk themselves up to show others they have the qualifications and the right to tell the devs that they are doing their job wrong. Just let them be and let them work on the game at their own paste. Anything rushed would be unfinished in my opinion. I am running about 6 Early access games each I am running on the beta option and only SE was the team that released an update during the holidays. And i'm sorry but you take nothing with you when you die. To cry about Spilled milk (the money you spent on the game) isn't going to get you far. Its very simple. Play the game. Report the bugs and suggestions if you have any. and wait. If you cannot wait play another game. If you cannot play another game get a refund and leave or just leave the game and wait because no matter how much you guys push its not going to make things go faster. Best we can do is support the Dev team and give our input as we want to. You don't have to feel obligated to give your bug reports when buying the game its all at your own leisure