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  1. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Is it possible to change your spawn location?

    But would I be able to choose the pictured habitat as the respawn point? I haven't tried building a shuttle yet, I might give that a go
  2. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Issues with multiplayer

    Doesn't seem to matter if you save or not, when a friend joins your game (on xbox one) they spawn at the habitat, not from the last vehicle they saved in. There items are saved but they have to be picked up from their body which will be where they last left the game
  3. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Possible '+1' button for ideas/suggestions?

    No problem look forward to seeing the upvote / down vote system in action
  4. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Issues with multiplayer

    Yeah I can play with 1 other person (2 people total) with only minimal frame drop, when we have 3 people I can play fine for about 1-2 hours before it is unbearable.
  5. Hey Astroneers! I've been playing for just under a week now on Xbox One and Windows 10 and I am absolutely loving it. In my most recent world, I have finally progressed enough to start a new habitat, so I drove really far to a location I liked and started multiple habitats wich is great, however now when I die (which isn't THAT often) I respawn at my original habitat, where I have to scurry to find compound to build a rover and drive to my new habitat. I have no issues finding my new habitat as I have put beacons down leading the way, however it is a good 5-8 minute drive each time depending on whether or not I encounter wind storms or not. So what I'm wondering, is there currently any way to change the spawn habitat? If not, should I add this to the requested features forum? Thanks heaps! Keep up the awesome work (I've attached a screenshot of my new habitat. You can see my battery/power farm and main work stations. The rest of the base is being built inside the mountain)
  6. Loving Astroneer so far, playing on xbox one and windows 10. I've been reading through the feature requests & ideas forum and was wondering if there is any plan to implement a '+1' button for ideas you agree with rather than having people post the same ideas? Was recommended to post here by another user who liked the idea Thanks!
  7. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Beacon Names (Color Code)

    I'll do that in just a tick thanks
  8. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Beacon Names (Color Code)

    I thought there was some sort of "upvote" but there wasn't so I figured typing +1 would do Would be a nice feature on the forum
  9. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Beacon Names (Color Code)

    +1 great idea! Just logged in to make this post myself but see you already posted it
  10. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Share your bases/creations!

    It's grown a fair bit since I took this screenshot, currently growing towards a large solar panel! Also, my truck is at the bottom of the map somewhere because it glitched through the surface
  11. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Issues with multiplayer

    Seems to be heavily reliant on your internet speeds. We tested with 3 different people hosting (xbox one). The slowest internet couldn't actually have anyone join the game. The 2nd slowest we could all join however 1 of the 2 players would crash fairly regularly. The fastest internet (50mbps down 20mbps up) experienced no crashes however, after 40 minutes of playing when the base really starts expanding the host has unbearable frame-rates. Often 1 frame per 5-10 seconds. The other 2 players don't seem to experience any major issues. The host with the fastest internet however was using a normal xbox one, not an elite xbox one however so that may be the cause of the massive frame rate drop but I'm not too sure. Frame drop example: https://gameclipscontent-d3004.xboxlive.com/000900000976814a-45567282-ec96-4bc3-9d52-1f6027a8210a/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2014-02-14&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=qObL37%2BC6GU1q8u8shC5jAODM9FevfNwsY%2FE4iQmUy8%3D&__gda__=1483422231_b02169fe7bbf3b733a8411df574f230a
  12. D0lph1n0nWh33ls

    Smelting issues Xbox one

    +1 also have this issue on xbox one. Even if only 1 outer port is occupied, only 1 ore is smelted and the others are lost