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  1. It's also happened to me. I've been stuck in my life pod for 15 hours......... And I take the game devs aren't going to do anything about it..? ...Typical.. Think I'm just going to delete my game.
  2. I've been stuck in my life pod for 10 hours. The world wont load around me. It doesn't give me the "X" prompt to get out of said pod. And nothing I do, not even with the help of a player, can get me unstuck.............. I need a game dev or somebody to get my character unstuck before I delete my game in pure frustration..
  3. I know of said glitch. But my current issue is far worse. I've been stuck in my life pod for 10 hours and nothing I do is allowing me to get out. I'm literally stuck..
  4. And my life pod is locked in place. Nothing can push it. Knock it over. Or pick it up.
  5. I am currently having the same issue. I have been stuck in my pod for hours. The Devs need to fix this and NOW. Before I delete my game..
  6. I'm having the same problem. I've literally been up all night trying to get out of the life pod. I even had a player join and nothing they did could get me out of the said pod........... I've been stuck all night. And if the Game Devs cant get my guy out. I'm likely deleting this game because I'm not starting over..
  7. I have encountered a game breaking bug where I went into my life pod to save. And got off the game. When I got back on. The world around me does not load in. And I can not get out of my pod. There is no "X" prompt for me to do so. I'm literally stuck there. Nothing works. I even got a player to come into my world and did everything possible to free me. My pod, despite not being attached, seems to be locked in place. And nothing is giving me the option to get out of my pod. I'm not starting over, as I've devoted way too much time to this file. I need someone. A Dev. Admin. Or somebody to possib