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  1. i'm not sure that this is a bug, (real world) Wind turbines only generate power under normal wind conditions, under storm conditions the blades are pitched to be passive(do not generate lift / rotation), as overspeed on the turbine tends to burn out the bearings. as i said though, I am unsure if this is deliberate game design or an oversight.
  2. updated menu controls much better(thanks guys) however i noticed that if you press X button on gamepad you get the deploying noises for the terrain excavator / manipulator. cheers
  3. I have also had the Multiplayer broken issue
  4. i see there is cross platform play between xbox and windows 10, will this work for those who purchased via the Steam store?
  5. had a few issues in Multiplayer to do with backpack / crafting Resource harvesting when backpack is full (not host on multiplayer) the resource plops onto the ground and only the host can pick it up. Sometimes when harvesting, you cannot collect a specific resource (not previously harvested) and you will collect but no resource is gathered (harvesting tool jammed?). When crafting with a full backpack, say making filters, if your backpack is full, but WITH a compound being stored in the backpack, instead of being swapped with a replacement compound (to refill the mini Printer)
  6. i was placing a string of tethers out from the base, on the Terran planet, which was going well. however for some reason the tethers were not placing properly......somehow they were not intersecting the surface layer, and were deploying deep beneath the surface somewhere....their blue line was connected, but it was segmented, suggesting that they had "glitched" and were deep underground.....(i was not brave enough to try and follow the tether line)
  7. playing a multiplayer game, we went to explore the Barren planet. we landed and we discovered a large crater, which i noticed had some caves, i dug a slope (to make entry easier) but when this slope intersected the mouth of the cave, there was a flicker(update) in the map, and the mouth of the cave disappeared.....I tried to tunnel where the cave mouth was but no joy, the game host (who was present) saw the disappearance and the cave was gone from his perspective too. we tried a similar operation on a cave on the opposite face of the crater......which disappeared in a similar fashion
  8. i've had this happen too.... hope they find a way to sort it. perhaps the drill head should hold partial harvests within itself (like the excavation tool) until they are completed.
  9. It might be a good idea to complicate the manufacturing methodology, for instance increasing the number of materials, or perhaps making composite materials to fulfil the building recipes, or making recipes require more than one type or component, so compounds AND resin or resin AND copper.
  10. I wonder how high a stack of batteries could go . *challenge mode engaged*
  11. I built a truck specifically to use the crane, single seat, small storage x2 (one on front connector) 2 small solar panels (attached to storage), crane module. This was done on the barren planet but I assume this would apply anywhere. Driving about ok, and on exiting the driving seat the parking brake engages preventing truck from rolling(observed behaviour). However, if you get into the crane seat the parking brake disengages causing the truck to roll downslope.....I think this is unwanted behaviour, and could do with correcting. also, when mining resources, the crane/drill
  12. It is programmed behaviour, not a bug, but possibly the programmed behaviour should be changed, because it is annoying.
  13. I have continued to explore more worlds , as host this time, but with others as clients....same issue happened on both the tundra and radiated worlds. Also discovered that the spike and popper plants are not visible to multiplayer clients.
  14. No evidence that this will be a problem, the batteries don't currently demand charge, they store surplus, and supply to demanding systems, having multiple batteries on a single base would display symptoms if this if that were the case, but multiple batteries seem to charge and discharge properly at the moment. people don't use power all the time, they are often exploring, so a large reservoir shouldn't change the dynamic much. yes a single 2 port solar panel would take some time to charge a large tower, but bases often have multiple charge sources, not to mention that enormous
  15. in the xbox version the camera often is difficult......needs improvement, but i'm certain that the developers are aware that camera needs work.
  16. to follow in this recycling / refund thread it might be nice to deconstruct vehicles at the vehicle bay, perhaps also being able to bring scrap/ debris from the crashed spacecraft / supply pods for reclamation.
  17. although the tethers supply power to astroneers mining underground (which is great) if you have the large solar array (wreckage) connected up to a base (generating power) it will not charge another base stations or batteries bridged by tethers. this should work.....but it doesn't.
  18. yeah a double slot on top, it would mean you could stack them and possible put a solar collector on top i mean battery stacks / racks are used in the real why not? they're not like solar panels which need airspace above them more platforms, i do that, this is just tidier.
  19. i think that generators should have a feed system that would allow you to put several fuel items on the unit, also having the generator run continually until empty shows a lack in sophistication, it should be relatively easy to set "demand" criteria, when power is requested by the base to charge stations, and hence fuel is only used when required. (it looks like some form of this is currently in use) also don't allow generators to run if solar power is running / available, (conserving fuel) also power pellets should not be consumed if any other power is available / running
  20. how about a research module for vehicles, (same footprint as the large storage module) same power requirements but can be taken to the items rather than having to lug those modules all the way back home. should be a basic item but perhaps expensive?
  21. i have noticed that if you have anything connected to the front node on a smelter or research module, or any station, such as a solar panel or even power pellets or other collected resources. when you drive a vehicle past and it connects to the base unit with that "ghost" connector (showing a possible connection) the solar panel or collected resource "pops" off onto the ground, this also happens if you have a connected resource / power module connected to the "nodes" on the vehicles too so on a truck if you have a research item connected to the large node on the front of the vehicle, it p
  22. I was exploring, new worlds in a 2 player multiplayer game (as client). Xbox one 1st stop was the Barren moon, which everything worked ok...however, this was not the case when we went to the ARID world. We landed and placed a Habitat, and started work from there, however when i tried to expand nodes from the habitat module I would build the node (added the resin) and the extension animation worked, but I couldn't see the resulting node, my friend (host) continued to build, and was having no difficulty. however, i could see nothing that was built, even items like a storage u
  23. perhaps to map the world the explorer could go out to an area and release a drone (consumable), this would add the topographical data to the map for the area in which the explorer stands. also perhaps use scouting drones, which you tell the drones what to look for, i.e. compound, resin, malachite or maybe even crashed ships, and once the drone (perhaps like a small RC car) becomes a beacon on your map, also they could be set with a finite battery life, so if they are unsuccessful (and run out of power) they just end up dead, however these could be recharged by the player, or by coming in
  24. had this issue the other day, after selecting a save game from the space station screen and it switches to the disclaimer loading screen i found that if you press the "start/menu" button it invokes the pause menu (before the game loads) this means you start the game with it on the screen but are then unable to dismiss the pause menu. you are unable to press the "start/menu" button and are unable to navigate to return to the main menu, or select any option on the pause menu. I hope i made this clear enough.
  25. Use the search for group action on the menu bar on the left on the Xbox home screen, to search for a group to play with, there should be posts where people are looking for people to play, just respond to one of these posts and you should get a game in minutes....(the host will need to add you as a friend for you to join the game).