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  1. I too have that problem but on Terran and I have talked to a staff member about it because it is causing fall backs. The staff member said that this is a very common bug with other people
  2. Can anybody who has experienced this glitch please reply and tell me your story and how it happened to you Thanks, Adam234
  3. That does not sound like a very good thing to happen but it hasn't happened to me yet thankfully. So far in my small Astroneer life I have only come across going through the world which people can use to their advantage if this is not fixed
  4. Hello, this is just in my opinion that I am sure I am not the only player that has experienced this glitch. I have been playing Astroneer on the Xbox One as of now, when I first came across this glitch was when I was searching for ore and I was using the mining tool to build upwards in a tower that I was standing on. Once my character hit the ceiling of the cave I kept towering up and went straight through the ceiling, when I went through the ceiling I starting moving out of control and it has moved me into different caves that I had not seen before on many occasions. Another time it has sent