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  1. Teşekkür ediyorum But there are some problems in translation. I can help you get them resolved.
  2. There are also problems in Turkish patch. If you share English texts, I can share Turkish ones.
  3. Thank you for offering the Turkish language in the last patch. Our game support will continue. Good game to everyone
  4. Craft system can be diversified. Make Yada game up to a certain time and publish it as mod.
  5. Is there a way to hold the solar array steady.Not being held in place
  6. Martin. The loading screen is 45 to 50 fps. But when it comes to writing, it drops to 6 fps.
  7. If the game creates a lot of success in the future, we first used. We can say.
  8. I understand. Can graphics settings be varied in the future?
  9. Core İ3 .Passing through the clouds is 1fps. 5 fps on the ground. The same as playing.
  10. I try now.1 fps to 6 fps. This frost can soften the clouds used in the clouds.
  11. I play at 5 FPS. İt's not going any higher. I will have a proposal. More graphic settings should be made for with low graphics.This facilitates optimization.
  12. Yeah . I've tried. Saying you did not install version 361.75. But the latest version (optimus architecture) appears to be version 342.
  13. At the start of the game it gives an error about the driver versions. But the latest version of optimus architecture (310M) appears in version 341.