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    Multiplayer needs PvP and PvE

    I dont think traditional PVP works well what the game in trying to achieve, also if you want some kind of competition you could just try to launch a ship with two habitats and to a radiated planet and try to build your base faster than the other player.
  2. Nathan Adler

    No to hunger

    Food is not the only reason to farm, you could farm plants that give you components and materials, maybe resin or compound for the late game, or maybe it could give you special research items or unique materials.
  3. I trying to build a house in Astroneer the other day and i had and idea, the developers talked about being able to paint with the deformable terrain with the terraforming tool, but how about turning deformable terrain into non-deformable terrain by coating it with astronium? the drill would work as usual, so it could be broken later. I know the idea has it's flaws, mainly griefers trapping players or players trapping themselves, but it could be a nice way to create permanent things in construction projects.
  4. Nathan Adler

    Bull Dozer

    Even if it takes 4 titanium this would be great, i would never leave the base without it, i would need a reason not to have it on my trucks.
  5. Nathan Adler

    A better way to deal with rocks

    Plants should decay and disapear after some time. some kind of shovel for the rocks would be great, also concrete is not something "anti-space age" also being able to produce solid shapes we can move around would be great, the deform tool is great, but is not supper precise.
  6. Nathan Adler

    Hydrazine refining

    Even a single crystal giving 2 or more hydrozene would be ok, i dont think having cheap hydrozene is bad, having a machine that creates it for free might be too much. Maybe there could be a third opcion, withour cristals the machine takes a lot of time to make a sigle bottle, using crystals it produces it fast, this way you could have and emergency escape from a planet without hydrazene, but it would not make it so easy to have toons of hydrazene. Another way to balance hydrozene would be for the trade station to take one hydrazene per trade.
  7. Nathan Adler

    Can we talk about hunger?

    Yes keeping it simple is better, and yes the planet having an effect on the food would be a nice touch, but yeah, my idea of three food items was a little bit of a oddity with the game itself, i was trying to think on a way to make food fun in this game. The real problem is that i would love to create farms, biodomes, grow planlife and stuff, but having a hunger stat you have to manage all the time can end up being a chore.
  8. Nathan Adler

    Can we talk about hunger?

    I also like to create farms and dont like the gameplay hunger offers in many games. Instead of a hunger bar i would implement a joy or mood bar and some tiers of food, delicious, bland and radiated, easier plantes having better food everywhere. Not having food makes your character slow and after and your mood drops. Radiated food would be only a last resort but better than no food, maybe it could have a chance to make your character sick, bland food would make the character happier and have no side effects, and delicious food could be a rare comodity and/or high tier consumable, greatly increasing the mood, giving the character a temporal boost. Also ther could be more things to affect the mood, like making a new discovery, or even a machine to exercise.
  9. One way for the fauna to make things harder without resorting on them attacking would be to have some of them mess with the base, maybe somo of the like shiny things and they steal or break your solar panels, or like yo eat your resources, maybe some could even make a nest in some of your modules rendering it unoperable or consuming it's energy, diferent fauna related problems would have diferent solucions, maybe nest could be moved to a harvester or breeder module to get some resource, the thing that steal could be distracted with some kind of toy or sacred off with the buggie.