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  1. Maybe try to place the dynamite just under the vein for a good effect.
  2. At the moment, about 4 hours after starting the mission:

    1920x1080 - Full Screen - 15 FPS

    Processor : 32 %

    RAM : 3 097 184 Ko

  3. LOGBOOK - Day 2 (01/04/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I began exploring the cave near the base. There are many tunnels. I found there ore of copper and aluminum in quantity, as well as a little of composite and resin. I also met strange plants, some are toxic. They brought me some research objects.

    Object of research: Smooth orange ball, smooth green balls, green ball with red pimples

  4. LOGBOOK - Day 2 (01/04/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    Another crashed space module, with copper and two research objectsand others on rock peak. I also discovered caves. I would venture there later.

    Object of research: White cube with 4 gray modules per face. Orange cube. Grey cube

  5. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I managed to bring the giant solar panel back to the base, I placed it to be able to connect it to the power network, it seems that I need to place a rover between the panel and the base network for the power of the Connector.
    I start exploring to bring other resources to expand the base with the necessary modules, the printer, the foundry, a dock for the vehicle for a space shuttle, etc ...

    There are plants on the surface that give me organic energy. I have not yet encountered any other forms of life at the moment.

  6. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    There is a connector on the giant solar panel, I will try to bring it back to the base to use it as a solar power source. A beautiful challenge. I was not able to connect it to the rover but there must be another way to connect it. For now I push him to the base for testing.

  7. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    On the road to the gigantic solar panel, I discovered another shuttle crushed with a research object, titanium, composite and aluminum as well as a seat that can serve me for my first vehicle.

    I did my first research which gave me filters, battery and the fuel condenser, this one will be useful for my future trips in space.

    Object of research: rounded blue and white, green square with red crystals,  rounded white circled black and blue handles.

    I go back to the giant solar panel.

  8. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I'm going to the mountain (east-east-south) to try to find raw materials. I will also try to join what appears to be a gigantic solar panel from a crushed satellite (West-Nord).

  9. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I have terraformed the surface around the base to keep this surface clean and functional. This tool for terraformed is really exceptional, very practical. It is possible to do everything with, but you need to have enough energy. So i will have to push further the discovery of the surroundings, I need resources to enlarge the base and make it autonomous.

    It is strange, the sun rises to the west to lie down to the east. This inversion of terrestrial landmarks is disturbing.

    There was a new storm, more violent than the first one, everything went well, there was no damage.

    I discovered a new research object encrusted in a rocky peak. I will really need my search module quickly, this should increase the development of the base.


  10. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I ventured around the habitat module, I collected some resources (composite and resin) and I witnessed an impressive sand storm. I took refuge in the module to protect myself. I went back in exploration after having made solar panels for the energy with the recovered composite.

    I discovered a space module that crashed, I recovered two modules with which I will be able to do research. The module also contained aluminum and hydrazine fuel that should be used when I decide to go colonize the surrounding planets.

    I started to establish the base with the resin collected in the neighborhood. I begin to think about the ergonomics of the base to optimize the functionalities of it.


  11. For the moment :

    1920x1080 - Full Screen - 30 FPS

    Processor : 17 %

    RAM : 1 606 223 Ko

  12. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    TERRAN23 - Base 1

    I arrived, the trip and the landing went well.

    I landed on a gray surface, there are many pebbles around the habitat, I see mountains on the horizon. There seem to be resources nearby, there is a bit of wind as well. I will leave the module and take my first step on this planet TERRAN23.

  13. LOGBOOK - Day 1 (01/03/2017)

    Orbital Station EXO Dynamics ED23

    Hi there,

    First transmission after this long space travel in hibernation.  Everything is OK on the space station.

    The phase of verification of the modules habitat is finished, I am ready to land on this new planet that appears through the porthole.

    I can see clouds on its surface, mountains with snow at the top, brown, gray, violet, green areas. That's wonderful!

    It seems that there is no water, no rivers, no lake. But the presence of clouds would indicate that there is somewhere.

    I feel so excited!

    OK, i'm ready, let's go!!!!