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  1. Agree. Isn't it how it works now? You are kind of wrong here. It would be so in static world or to fly some distance, you want to count. In dynamic world of orbiting planets you are forced to gain and lose velocity to change your orbit. So more "realistic" approach to space flight in my opinion would looks like this: 1. Surface to orbit - Mouse over launch icon shows needed fuel (by green color for ex.). Autopilot forbid you to launch if you have no fuel to land. Zoom control to change from planet surface view to orbits view. 2. Orbit to another orbit - Mouse over other planet or current planet's moon shows needed fuel (by green color for ex.). Fuel demand depends of orbits and positions. Dot lines to see trajectories. Autopilot forbid you to burn if you have no fuel to land. 3. Land - Zoom control to change from orbits view to planet surface view. Choose your place to land. Autopilot made sure you have fuel to land. Also you can fly only between planets to planet and it's moons. No fly directly to /from other planet's moon. No sun orbit because no safe place to land.
  2. Sad Brother

    Vehicle Reversing Light

    They have no light at all now. You can see your own light only. What if you would be able to use Tethers in a slot as a lamp of respecting power?
  3. Sad Brother

    Keep the game Sciencey

    I play it now Realism: 1.Only one "active" vessel at any time. 2. Those immortal crazy beauties can "invent" nuclear drive from the endless message about thermometer, unable to show space temperature and endless mimic of the strange garbage substance. 3. Gravity and atmosphere models are quite limited. Fun: 1.Even shortened space flight are too long, almost boring. 2. Messages are more endless than author's fantasy. 3. Whole game is constructing, launch, orbit, randevu, dock, land sequences. Result: 1.Realism fight with Fun in this game. 2. Realism lose to the game engine. 3. Fun lose to the limited fantasy. Game still good and one of best thing in it is the ability to support mods.
  4. Sad Brother

    Keep the game Sciencey

    With all my respect if they would try to catch all, they would lose more. I bought it already, so they have some money My other point was "fun realistic space game" is impossible. And in this space game I prefer fun. I paid my coin when I see developers chose Fun instead of Realism. For the sake of Realism We have only one example of organic life. Is it possible in other conditions? How would it looks? Are other conditions possible at all? That's speculations only, not science. Where have you seen procedural generation of organic life? No mans sky? Spore? Do you like results?
  5. Sad Brother

    Keep the game Sciencey

    It is pointless to try to catch each coin. There would be always different games. I did not found realistic enough game about space. And it seems cannot find. Can you name one? Space realism is too boring and demanding. Not for games.
  6. Sad Brother

    Do we even need Fuel Condensers?

    Initially it was factory to make fuel from mined water bottles. So development and inclusion efforts does not counts.
  7. Sad Brother

    Do we even need Fuel Condensers?

    At first you are not forced to build it. And the trade platform too. At second systems like dynamic trade values should decrease such dumb profit significantly. At last player should be able to protect base from inability to play (fly away).
  8. Sad Brother

    Keep the game Sciencey

    Not for this game. This game is about fun exploration, not about survival calculation. Can you name a game which is close to realism in your opinion? Space themed please. It would be never fun not pleasant. What is more real in your opinion? Compound to fit your needs? Air condensed Hydrazine to fly to orbit? Spacesuit eating green spores in O2less atmosphere?
  9. Sad Brother

    An Alternative to "Food = Survival"

    I support first post fully. Surprisingly not support second one. Corner slots are good to feed character, no need of special slots. MC hunger is never great. No need to limit food fantasy.
  10. Sad Brother

    Weather Damage and biodome repair bots.

    I would suggest theoretical mechanics too Domino model is the best :*
  11. Sad Brother

    Vehicles should have limited oxygen supply

    Those "Filters" are regenerators of CO2 to O2. Without decay they would last infinitely. Isn't really like now?
  12. Sad Brother

    Vehicles should have limited oxygen supply

    But it is a save base. Do you want to be reborn without any source to breathe?
  13. Sad Brother

    Space dog

    How about a Space Slime which do not need O2 or energy and do not afraid other damage. It should smile when fed by organics. It is friendly immortal fun creature. Able to pick up dropped resource, combine partial into full, and place it in any free slot nearby. Or just crystallize it to surface.
  14. Sad Brother

    Just some ideas...

    1. You can drop your weight and pick up later. Also try to hold it before your character. 2. Seems no length would be enough. 3. "Filters" are effectively regenerators of CO2 back to O2. No protection from corrupting green gas. 4. Do you know about two upper corner backpack extensions? 5. Seems planned.