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  1. I like this idea. But I'm also not against life forms. I mean you can have attacking life forms that try to ransack your base and/or destroy/steal stuff and you have to build defenses (assuming we would get defense stuff at some point). This could be done without actually giving the player any weapons. Just base defense. Anything I can spend my mats on and feel compelled to do so. Sign me up.
  2. you already can't build certain items without #1 finding it and #2 having the correct building to make it how is this different than #1 finding it #2 getting correct building #3 upgrading said building literally only thing different is one extra level of upgrades/customization which adds stuff to do with your materials in game.. I'm not saying I want Starcraft in this game lol. It was just the first thing that popped in my head when I had the idea of upgrading buildings. I didn't mean you would need Building A before you could build Building B. However, this really isn't any differen
  3. Hmm.. Restrictions and tech trees already exist it's just at level 1. You can't build certain items without constructing the correct building even if you've found the "recipe". I'm just suggesting upgrading buildings to gain access to new stuff and/or better versions of stuff but visually it would also look cooler. As for improving your character by installing modules.. I think this is fine in the beginning but eventually after playing a while it would be nice to have enough xp to level up and not have to use those things anymore as they take up extra bag space and aren't even that good.
  4. He clarified that he can't seem to flip the "trailer" truck that is attached to the driving truck. At which point I already asked the questions you asked lol
  5. What's funny is sometimes the main planet acts like a gas planet as I fall through the "solid" world into oblivion
  6. For some reason it wouldn't let me edit my original post. I'd like to add that this would also go toward having enemy alien stuff attacking your base and you defending by upgrading .. building walls, defense, cannons, etc
  7. The consequence of spam and griefing didn't stop Notch from making billions on a sale of his game to Microsoft. :-) That is of course always a concern but it definitely shouldn't stop this idea from happening. I assume that the way they will implement this is by having an upgraded terraform tool or just different ones you can switch between to form shapes, copy objects, etc. Of course a key to this will be being able to apply textures/colors
  8. Gotcha.. I had my "trailer" flip upside down for a while.. and I just drove it over some rough terrain on my way home and it flipped back lol. But yeah, I just assumed you could flip them both. If you disconnect the cable between them I assume it will let you then? Or is the "flip" check based on if it has a seat or not.
  9. hmm this is the second post i've seen about this. Just hit TAB next to it.. and it will flip halo style!
  10. Right.. no one is saying we want or have to have this right now. This is just an idea board where people can suggest ideas.
  11. I guess I'm confused because this already exists? Just hit tab next to a vehicle that is overturned. Or were you meaning something else?
  12. So for whatever reason... this game makes me want to be able to upgrade my buildings (make them bigger/cooler looking) kind of like Starcraft. And maybe have options on upgrades that allow you to build one thing or another based on your upgrade/tech decision. I'd also love xp/tech tree so that we can "level up" our Astroneer. Things like last longer without oxygen. Burn less energy. Jump higher. Walk/Run faster. Scouting/Tracking. Etc
  13. I'm in the process of building a garage.
  14. or just do it like every other game in existence and scroll in far enough that it switches to first person.. then scroll out for third..
  15. Huh? Why? You'd rather drive blind? I'm super confused lol. Sounds like a recipe for falling through map.