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  1. I also think a cool feature to add could be that ur able to lable beacons.. so u know which one are where... for example if you found a really big cave with lots of resources but you are you are low on oxeygen and have to go.. putting down a beacon and labeling it lets say "Epic cave" would be very helpfull in the future!
  2. I think at this moment in time because its in its first stages of alpha the game feels very peacfull and relaxing but if it stays that way most of the players that came for adventure and action will soon disperse. And start a different game, god forbid no mans sky? it doesnt even deserve capitals!!
  3. A added feature could be like hardcore mode in minecraft.. once ur dead ur dead no going back
  4. Also another bug fix could be the cracks in the world meaning you can see through the floor they usually form in a square shape around your base after first death
  5. I also think being able to upgrade backpack space would be pretty cool.