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  1. YES!!! DRONES YES!!! I was just thinking about this too! Good call!
  2. I would love to see this in a seperate gamemode for the game along side adding Friendly NPCs as well.
  3. +1 I can relate, I really do not like how flattening works so far. *Also crosses fingers*
  4. I would like to see this as an Added Feature However, there are some people that do not enjoy being under constant stress of depleting oxygen as MCorgano stated. Perhaps this could find its way into the game as a different gamemode like Survival. This could also be incorperated if Difficulty becomes an option in the game, I heard someone started a topic on that
  5. In most games that have this feature... there is the consequence of spam and griefing on multiplayer servers. However, I like the idea of this. Some unrestricted building would be very nice and spark creativity in players. If added this could potentially add a lot more freedom, in addition this can also make the game's world feel less barren.
  6. Are we truely alone in space? A few friendly, hostile and wierd aliens would add a bit of life to the game. It gets lonely.