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  1. I have the PC version and have experienced the same with the tractor as I was driving along. I fell through ground into a cave below the surface. I quickly jumped off the tractor and somehow managed to appear at the surface but died. I remembered with the beta versions that you could find missing items and quickly marked the position of where my stuff was. Afterward, I went back to the site and found the stuff that was in my backpack on the surface. Next, I dug down to find the missing tractor and found it in the first cave below the surface.
  2. Here is a picture. One vehicle is floating at the top and two are down through the ground toward the center of the planet.
  3. Not to walk on the thread but I have a similar problem between a truck and two rovers. I see one vehicle in the sky but can't see the others in the ground. When I get close to the vehicle in the sky, the conduit and vehicle disappears. It comes back when I get away. Yes, the conduit connecting to the vehicle in the sky is stretched to the point where you just see individual segments.
  4. I forgot to mention that I'm playing on a PC.
  5. I found my truck and rovers but can't get them as they are stuck between the sky and stretched toward the center of the planet. The power/air lines connected between each vehicle are stretched to the point that you can see each little I tried to dig toward the center of the planet but the line segments disappeared at a certain depth. Next, I tried to build up the ground toward the vehicle in the sky, again at a certain point it disappeared. It shows being there with a 3-dot marker above the location. I finally gave up.
  6. Every time a dust storm comes, game lags a bit. No crashes but the frame rate drops.
  7. Hey Guys, I was driving along on the surface and stopped to get common element. I got out to get some but when I turned around to put it on the rover, every thing was gone. The truck, two rovers with storage on both, 2 unknown research, a habitat, a solar panel, a seat, a winch, and a few minerals were gone. I looked into the sky and there they were. They were exploded with the wheels completely off. I went to get a closer look but they moved as if they were attached to me somehow. I ran to a nearby mountain, they collided with it and reassembled but I never recovered them as they complet