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  1. I have the PC version and have experienced the same with the tractor as I was driving along. I fell through ground into a cave below the surface. I quickly jumped off the tractor and somehow managed to appear at the surface but died. I remembered with the beta versions that you could find missing items and quickly marked the position of where my stuff was. Afterward, I went back to the site and found the stuff that was in my backpack on the surface. Next, I dug down to find the missing tractor and found it in the first cave below the surface.
  2. Here is a picture. One vehicle is floating at the top and two are down through the ground toward the center of the planet.
  3. Not to walk on the thread but I have a similar problem between a truck and two rovers. I see one vehicle in the sky but can't see the others in the ground. When I get close to the vehicle in the sky, the conduit and vehicle disappears. It comes back when I get away. Yes, the conduit connecting to the vehicle in the sky is stretched to the point where you just see individual segments.
  4. I forgot to mention that I'm playing on a PC.
  5. I found my truck and rovers but can't get them as they are stuck between the sky and stretched toward the center of the planet. The power/air lines connected between each vehicle are stretched to the point that you can see each little I tried to dig toward the center of the planet but the line segments disappeared at a certain depth. Next, I tried to build up the ground toward the vehicle in the sky, again at a certain point it disappeared. It shows being there with a 3-dot marker above the location. I finally gave up.
  6. Every time a dust storm comes, game lags a bit. No crashes but the frame rate drops.
  7. Hey Guys, I was driving along on the surface and stopped to get common element. I got out to get some but when I turned around to put it on the rover, every thing was gone. The truck, two rovers with storage on both, 2 unknown research, a habitat, a solar panel, a seat, a winch, and a few minerals were gone. I looked into the sky and there they were. They were exploded with the wheels completely off. I went to get a closer look but they moved as if they were attached to me somehow. I ran to a nearby mountain, they collided with it and reassembled but I never recovered them as they completely disappeared. I noticed a problem before all of this took place. You see any time I got out of the truck, the truck would try to jump off the ground. I'm thinking it my have something to do with the way Astroneer saves since all of this has happened to me twice. Luckily for me, I have a large base with plenty of resources and I wasn't too far from it, as this was a lesson that learned from the first time it happened and I died. I'm sure System Era will fix this soon, but in the mean-time I would recommend tethering to places unless you have a lot of resources to rebuild. Good Luck !