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  1. FoxTrot

    No to hunger

    OOOH WHAT IF IT WASNT FOOD AND IT WAS JUST BUFFS LIKE SPEED OR SOMETHING?! WATCH ME ON TWITCH does begging help? no it just makes me look bad. FoxTrot_42
  2. FoxTrot

    No to hunger

    If we get food in this game with game modes there would be prable that's all I meant. And did you know you could change these^? just a little joke don't take it seriously.
  3. FoxTrot

    No to hunger

    no. This will make people feel like they aren't playing the game right the way if is easiest (without hunger) so they will be inclined to play the game with hunger and then look at what we have here you solved nothing. NEXT!
  4. you can see how it looks like it would fit in with another terrain
  5. Yeah that's what I thought. It's like some chunk just was moved to this place and replaced another. It looks like something else should align with it. But that's what you get in a procedurally generated game.
  6. I know. And if enough of us post this it will get hella noticed and the devs will see it as a serious issue
  7. FoxTrot

    White and black ball

    its clearly a zebra egg
  8. FoxTrot

    Unimpressive Start for a would-be Developper

    wow you jumped to conclusions. The updates aren't one sided. In fact there are a lot of people on this site that aren't helping in the least by posting things like this
  9. Don't get me wrong but this game has some pretty interesting ground-breaking glitches. And as an early access player it is my job to report and b**** about these topics, so here we go. Man I love this game but at times I am walking through a cave and suddenly with out warning I am throw into this! In this picture I am depicted falling through the earth. I eventually ended up on the other side and died next to some astronium. The glitch happened when I was going through a cave and stumbled of a world hole and quickly snapped a screenshot; I was taking screenshots of it before and so I have these As you can see I found my body later and grabbed my stuff. Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have a solution? Post below. Steam; foxtrot or Mr.brightside42
  10. FoxTrot

    Is resin in any other planet?

    That's interesting but it still makes resin and compound the most rare substances to find on the other planets. I think i'll just stick with trading. Thanks!
  11. FoxTrot

    Need more risks

    why did you get all poetic at the end there? lol I thought this was a list
  12. FoxTrot

    We need a map

    The game tries really hard to keep a no hud environment for the player so that the player can experience the world without distractions. This means having a hud or a map in the corner probably wont happen. I was thinking maybe an item that you could put in your inventory and when needed open the inventory and I would show the planet and your relativity to your base and other beacons. Steam; FoxTrot or mr.brightside42
  13. I have found that in my game the wind turbines don't produce any energy on any planet. Yes I do know that it isn't always windy. This bug happens all the time. Please help by giving suggestions or devs fix this.
  14. it would be interesting to see where it goes in the game. It is gud for trade though