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  1. It would be really nice to have a feature where if you have two vehicle bays, and one is being used, and you were to fly in on a space ship, or shuttle, then your game puts you in the vacant vehicle bay, not the occupied one. There's a glitch right now that send whatever vehicle you had in that bay before landing to space... I will show you in the added pictures below.
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    Guests Save Log

    Where other players could keep their inventory, after leaving/crashing, and rejoining another's game. So if each player had an individual save log when they joined a game(Kinda like Minecraft) Also... If the game could automatically save every 30 minutes or so, that would be pretty handy. Another thing about guests/ other players in ones' game; If guest players could spawn on the planet they died, it would improve the satisfaction the game puts out. My friends are tired of dying, and spawning at the first habitat, we believe that the game should spawn you at the nearest habitat, not the first.
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    So I've noticed that the XBOX ONE Astroneer Game Preview crashes a lot when you have lets say 3 or more vehicles, or just 4 players. The game needs to be updated to where it can handle its own components if possible. The PC game works just fine so far.