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  1. i don't think it matters what planet you are on. Whether you are on Earth, or some gas giant, it shouldn't matter. The density of the planet or the core of the planet shouldn't matter. Mass is mass, no matter how dense.
  2. BTW, before I get a reply about "at all", I should say that I mean in a noticeable way. One doesn't notice differences in gravity from the moon as the distance from you personally changes. And again, it is really close. There is a difference, but it is a rounding error.
  3. Not really. The closest object to us is the moon and the effect of gravity from the moon doesn't affect gravity on us as individuals at all. It does affect the tides, but that is a different thing, meaning that you don't feel gravity differently according to the phases of the moon. Other planets, much less all objects in the universe, have even less of an effect on us as a person. https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2011-02/fyi-if-i-fell-through-earth-what-would-happen-center Take a look at the link, perhaps it will explain it to you better than I can (or care to ).
  4. Gravity is zero at the core because equal amounts of mass are pulling you from all directions and they cancel each other out.
  5. Just to add to Petrataur's comment. The small generator fills the backpack power 2.5 times and the full backpack power will refill the oxygen tank once, so a generator with a single organic gets you 2.5 backpack oxygen. It is rare for me to need more than that while wandering away from tether lines in a cave (or falling out of range). However, if you are just doing lots of exploring without tethers (like when you first land and are looking for resources), having it powered by wind or sun is better.
  6. Touch of Grey. Just FYI, take a look at this: At about 13 minutes he actually goes to the core on a tractor. It isn't the best example. I am doing it with just a tractor and one trailer with an RTG, 4 packagers, 2 of whatever I need to activate, a full canister, a small gen and then some extra oxygen. Dig a small hole straight down, drive into it and activate the drill and let gravity do the rest. You should be at the core in about 3 minutes. Problems can occur, I got hung on a piece of rock at the top of a cavern via the power between the tractor and the traile
  7. I finally made the core of Atrox to finish the game. I went down on tractor, so it was a quick ride. But, I passed through a level that looked almost as interesting as the mushroom level. I am going to dig down on this one to check it out in detail. BTW, not related to this discussion, but Atrox at night is beautiful. So many of the plants are bioluminescent and look amazing at night.
  8. I don't think it is quite the nefarious plot you want to make it out to be. A lot of the people here have been playing for a couple of years. I doubt many people that were involved in the early access even read the EULA since it was just another update to them. That was certainly the case for me. Additionally, since the whole purpose of this set of forums was feedback on the game, the idea of preventing negative feedback is kind of silly. There are plenty of bad opinions of the game and / or aspects of the game to be found here.
  9. I think it is great for the first one or two, then it becomes tedious. Honestly, I think they spent so much time improving the mechanics that directed play was an afterthought. Perhaps now that the bugs are (mostly) worked out, they will be able to put more thought into the story aspects of the game.
  10. So, how are you handling getting to the core? I have dug ramps down on Sylva, Desolo and Calidor, but have done the super tractor straight down on the rest (except Atrox, it is next). I am definitely glad I dug down the first few times. Having a large rover at the mushroom level on Sylva is fun. But the HOURS it takes to dig down has made it a little onerous for me. So, two questions: Which planets would you suggest digging in order to not miss cool things like the mushroom level? Are you digging or taking the super tractor to the core and why?
  11. Thanks all. I managed to get two medium storage worth of it after scouring the forest near my Sylva base. Good to know it is actually out there, if a bit difficult to spot.
  12. I know that ammonium can be obtained from the soil centrifuge. However, since 1.0, I have yet to find a single instance of ammonium in the ground. I have full bases on Sylva, Desolo, Vesania and Novus. I have just started a base on Glacio. I have explored extensively underground in those first four planets. On Sylva and Desolo I have also explored the surface extensively as well. (Think, 2-3 beacons in 3-4 directions from the the base.) So, I am wondering: Am I looking in the wrong places? Am I the victim of a horrible seed? Is ammonium just so rare that the soil c
  13. I personally found them more of an annoyance than a challenge. If they do prioritize a weather system, I would like to see it as a customizable feature that allows each planet to have a storm level from say zero to ten, where zero is no storms and ten is constant storms.
  14. December 2016, so a little over two years. I have only played ~ 8 hours so far, but, despite a few very old bugs still existing, I am impressed with the released version. I am going out of town for a few days and I know I will be thinking of playing the whole time I am gone.
  15. On Desolo, I have encountered this bug three times so far. Gravity reverses and my astroneer falls up and then is dropped back down again. In all three cases I was at a landing site near the pole on the left side (viewed from space). Above ground, looking at the sky to track the movement of the sun. I had my camera angle looking up while standing still. Fell up, then plunged down to death. Below ground, tunneling down at a moderately step angle. (50-55 degrees?) As I was tunneling, I fell up, through the ceiling and above ground level. Then I plunged back down to my death.