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  1. DanielCoffey

    game freeze crash

    What is the graphics card?
  2. DanielCoffey

    Where's the Iron!

    The crystal structures with the three power points need differing amounts of power. The further for Sylva the more power you may find you need. Remember you can put a medoim platform (or even a vehicle) down next to one connector and feed all the power in through one side via batteries, generators and so on. Iron is available off Sylva, similarly Tungsten. The game tells you where you can find it as Blind IO says.
  3. DanielCoffey

    Trapped on Moon

    You may also find Aluminium on the surface in wrecks.
  4. DanielCoffey

    Extenders in

    That is the trick, yes. Not intuitive but very useful once you know it.
  5. DanielCoffey

    stuck in the centre

    Use the terrain tool to make a bridge away from the core near where your tether line first discovered it. Once you get far enough away, gravity will change back to the regular direction. Beware of falling and maybe spam a few tethers around just in case.
  6. DanielCoffey

    Crash after crash after crash ((PC/WIN 10))

    It would be useful if you posted your PC spec. Saying it "crashes" but not giving any perspective as to what you are running it on means nobody can offer advice.
  7. DanielCoffey

    Invisible walls on mars or "arid"

    If the walls are always in exactly the same place every time you approach them, include a save file from a few seconds away from one and give instructions on how to find the barrier.
  8. DanielCoffey

    [1.0.4] Audio channels on Desolo are reversed

    I can confirm that leaving and returning to the affected planet still shows the reversed sound channel issue. I can also add that Glacio has exhibited the same reverse audio for me too.
  9. DanielCoffey

    Big purple thing in the mountain

    You can also research and make a Drill attachment to your excavator to help dig hard rocks. The harder planets need more and more power to activate their "purple things". You can chain generators or solar/wind items together or print a medium platform to mount them on. You can connect batteries and also your vehicle.
  10. DanielCoffey

    Packager demonstration

    That is a use for the packager I had not considered - thanks!
  11. DanielCoffey

    Impossible to craft modules

    The solid fuel thruster is good for a return trip. Fortunately it can be made at any planet. Remember to take an oxygenator but rather than expanding it and putting it in the shuttle, consider taking it packaged in your backpack and taking something else (such as Large Platform B) in that space.
  12. Is it actually a bug? How does it compare to the other planets? Is it visibly out of line compared to the others? What value do you suggest to bring it into line? If it fits within the current progression on other planets but you think it simply too much, maybe ask for this thread to be moved to Suggestions?
  13. Version : 1.0.4 Platform : Steam, Windows 10 Issue : Audio channels on Desolo are reversed compared to Sylva. Particularly noticeable on headphones. Steps to reproduce : On Sylva - stand to the side of a Research Tool or a Forge and note that the audio comes out of the correct channel. Travel to Desolo and repeat the test. The audio will come out of the "wrong" channel. Return to Sylva, repeat and not the issue is correct again. It is particularly noticeable when standing next to an unpowered Research Tool as it will make an intermittent clonk noise (a common occurrence when starting a small base on Desolo). You can observe it with the Desolo steam geysers and also when harvesting small research nodes. It is very disconcerting and took me a while to realise what as going on.
  14. DanielCoffey

    Help me find the last Surface Purple Structure

    Found it... to the east of the one I was at before, just as you said. What threw me before was that my base was pretty far north of the equator so when I traveled round the globe I never saw the structure around the equator. All surface structures are activated now but I have not got deep enough for the final one yet. Time to sharpen my shovels!
  15. DanielCoffey

    Help me find the last Surface Purple Structure

    I'll give that a go, thanks. I am deep underground at the moment but can head back up later.