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  1. DanielCoffey

    What is this black rock?

    They usually have rare materials such as lithium in and around them. You can terrain tool the loose bits from round them but need a vehicle with a crane and a drill head to get the middle bit.
  2. DanielCoffey

    Do you get Storm effects in deep caves?

    I have had a decent number of storms pass through since then without flying rocks so maybe there was a natural opening that was out of sight and the direction was perfect.
  3. Version : I was under the impression that Storm effects (the tumbling square blocks) were not supposed to affect you when genuinely under the surface in natural cave layers. Today when on Arid I was in an extremely large cave chamber that was so big it faded off into to the mist in multiple directions. I was in what I thought would be the second cave layer as there had been tunnels above me. A surface storm started and I could hear it. The chamber filled with the dust and my tethers started swaying. Next thing, a square block came out of nowhere and slammed into me, killing me. There were no visible openings to the surface that the block could have tumbled down so I wondered if it was a fluke or something that is supposed to happen in the largest caves. See the attached screenshot to see the size of the cave. What do you think?
  4. DanielCoffey

    rover no move foward to french AZERTY keyboard

    As you will have found, the rovers respect the left/right key rebinds but not the forward/back rebind. There is a simple solution. Look for the file %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini and open it in something like Notepad++. Scroll down till you find this area... You can see I have edited the keys to move the vehicle forward and backward. The Scale minus one is reverse and the plus one is forward. Since I am lefthanded I use the arrow keys for movement but you can use any that you want.
  5. DanielCoffey

    Game start in the wrong screen

    I only have one monitor but Google suggests this is a known issue with Astroneer. Solutions range form turning off the secondary monitors when launching the game to force it to load on Primary then switching back on the others or alternatively use WindowKey + Shift + left/right to force it to move screens.
  6. DanielCoffey

    How do I improve my graphics?

    When in game, press Escape and check the Display Options tab. Make sure your resolution matches what your monitor's native resolution is set to. It does look like you are getting a scaling effect. For example, if you had a 1440p monitor and had asked Astroneer to display 720p, Fullscreen then you would get that sharp 2x pixellation.
  7. DanielCoffey

    siyah beyaz toplar

    Google translate suggests you are asking about the black and white balls in Astroneer? If so, they are called Zebra Balls or Marbles and are simply a novelty item. Here is the wiki post... https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Marbles
  8. Version : Platform : Steam OS : Win10 Issue : When storing a piece of Dynamite that I found in a ruined base it made no sound when being picked up from or placed on any T1 or T2 storage unit. It does not seem to have the latch on or off noises that all other small items make.
  9. Version : Platform : Steam OS : Win 10 ISSUE : The pivot point for storm wind movement on the indicated blue/yellow plant is well above the ground so it spirals in wind. The thin blue and yellow plant in the right side of this pair of images grants Organic research tokens over time. The blue "X" marks the spot where it appears to grow from the ground. As soon as a storm passes through however, its wind pivot point is the green "X", well above the ground surface. This gives a highly unrealistic movement in the wind.
  10. Version : Platform : Steam OS : Windows 10 ISSUE : When storms blow past the player, certain of the plant-based Research Pods are strongly affected by the storm wind and others are not. This appears inconsistent. In the picture below, the three pods labelled STATIC do not move in the storm but the two labelled MOBILE do, particularly the green and yellow one. It was twisting all over the place and did not appear intentional.
  11. DanielCoffey

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Google Translate : "There was an opportunity to cling a small rover to a large" The forum is generally English Language but is that an accurate translation of your question? Is there a missing negative?
  12. DanielCoffey

    Blue rectangular pillars

    Just minerals, I would suspect. There are a few mineral formations associated with the mineral research objects.
  13. DanielCoffey

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    The usual use for the crane is to fit a drill head onto it and drill out those "hard" rocks that have rare resources in them. There are a couple of storage spots on the neck of the crane that will fill up like the one on the end of your excavator tool. You don't really need to put a Hoist on the end of the crane unless in two-player because you can't extend the crane and the hoist at the same time.
  14. DanielCoffey

    XBox 0.2.10119.0

    Hydrazine used to be on the surface but uncommon. More often in caves, I agree.
  15. DanielCoffey

    Bug fixs plzz

    You need to read this in order to have bug reports acted upon...