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  1. The terrain tool is one of the most appealing parts of this game and grants players a sandbox/creative vibe. But I feel the functions of it are limited. So far I've tried to construct several buildings/structures and because of the limited tools are hard to make perfect and are very easy to accidentally destroy. Firstly a flatten tool would be good where it's at 0 degrees And creates a perfectly flat surface, a size option for the terrain gun as well as a strength control so you don't accidentally create mounds/dig out holes that are hard to fix. keep up the work and a CREATIVE GAMEMODE!!!!!!
  2. Firstly I would like to say the game is very fun and unique and has a huge potential in terms of content. However I feel that we don't get to appreciate the game properly and the content in terms of the little things (vegetation, caves, daylight cycle, etc.) because of fact we can't switch to first person. And if you have already thought about first person I feel a HUD that displays oxygen and power on the glass of the space helmet
  3. I agree as well as the option to delete/remove saves because my saves are very cluttered (Xbox)