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  1. I was unable to craft a large shuttle. It turns out is was using 4 aluminum when it needed 2 aluminum and 2 compound. It weirdly was trying to use my 2 compound from my backpack. It would start to craft and freeze up and I'd have to abort it. After a few times I decided the remove two of the aluminum from the crafting machine and replaced them with 2 compound. It worked and I was able to finally craft my large shuttle. Here's a video of it: Here's the Steam discussion of it:
  2. I have some improvement I think now. I had windows update GPU drivers from July, 2017. The new stable is Feb, 2018 and I get lockups on desktop. Same with the beta March, 2018 v4. I used DDU to wipe all traces of the driver and downloaded directly from AMD instead of Dell (alienware) and it occasionally locks up at desktop, but so far my last 3 game sessions have been error. free. As you can see I don't have nvidia. I also never install anything but bare GPU drivers. The other crap has too many extra chances for failure. My monitors don't have speakers anyways and I use des
  3. Bummer. I just started a new game. I have only built the large platform and research thing and found a spacecraft research pod. I then made 4 canisters for future mineral extractor. I then made 1 tethers and headed to the cave to find more research pods. I didn't even use up those first tethers and it locked up. It is definitely a much bigger issue than just too many tethers. This was a single session of maybe a half an hour at tops.
  4. It crashes so hard I have to hold the power button down to turn it off. Then my computer goes into a recovery mode. I have triple monitors and each monitor is a different color. no sound, no mouse, nothing. It's completely dead, except the monitors each a different background color. No BSOD blue nor any messages. I sent a log once a week or so ago. Even posted a message here. I heard nothing from them as it is probably a common issues. Likely this tether thing. I'll collect some more, or maybe start new with no tethers. or at least collect them when done.
  5. I have been having crashing issues as well. I also have a lot of tethers, but my CPU is practically idling. I''ll try the platforms. But it seems very random. Sometimes I can play for more than an hour. Sometimes a few minutes. I'm in my truck now, so I don't use tethers much, except to climb up hills after spacecraft. Or leave them for landmarks. I have noticed a time or two that the tethers go black when they are connected properly. I usually pick up a tether and re-plop it down and it jump starts it again. I think they maybe need to focus on getting the teth
  6. Summary: 0650 - Steam - Crashes/Freezes randomly Description: Freezes up randomly. Must hold down the power button to quit. Astroneer crashes while playing all of the time. I usually get a blank greyish screen that is unresponsive and no sound or anything. Completely locked up. I have to hold the power button down to turn it of. On power on, it goes straight to recovery mode. (Windows 10 pro x64) I tell it to continue on to windows. The older log is a manual exit of the game from not being able to select some objects and not being able to enter space ship withou
  7. I noticed today when I was searching for research items off of spaceships and I came across a towering solar panel with the connector on the end. Then when the sun came up, as I was leaving, that the connector had the yellow power bars blinking like it was generating power. Is it possible to drag this thing home, or bring up a habitat and connect the two together and use it for a power source?
  8. This morning when I play Astroneer crashes to desktop after a few seconds in game. I am at the trading post and I place lithium to see what it gives me and it crashes. The other times I was just at the base at it crashes after a few seconds as well. I even tried another machine with the same results. DxDiag.txt