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  1. I was unable to craft a large shuttle. It turns out is was using 4 aluminum when it needed 2 aluminum and 2 compound. It weirdly was trying to use my 2 compound from my backpack. It would start to craft and freeze up and I'd have to abort it. After a few times I decided the remove two of the aluminum from the crafting machine and replaced them with 2 compound. It worked and I was able to finally craft my large shuttle. Here's a video of it: Here's the Steam discussion of it:
  2. I have some improvement I think now. I had windows update GPU drivers from July, 2017. The new stable is Feb, 2018 and I get lockups on desktop. Same with the beta March, 2018 v4. I used DDU to wipe all traces of the driver and downloaded directly from AMD instead of Dell (alienware) and it occasionally locks up at desktop, but so far my last 3 game sessions have been error. free. As you can see I don't have nvidia. I also never install anything but bare GPU drivers. The other crap has too many extra chances for failure. My monitors don't have speakers anyways and I use desktop 2.1 speakers instead. I was gonna try connecting all 3 of my hugely long tethers together and see what happens. I forgot, but I'll try next time and see what happens. I also use 28inch 4k monitors. But I only use one display. I find using 3 doesn't really help in anything but driving games. But I can try low res and med quality and see what happens. I seem to get micro stutter occasionally. Nothing too big. But yeah, the feedback on these issues will be very beneficial in tracking down issues. I probably have an oddball system, i7-8700k & vega 64 plus a Dell. lol
  3. Bummer. I just started a new game. I have only built the large platform and research thing and found a spacecraft research pod. I then made 4 canisters for future mineral extractor. I then made 1 tethers and headed to the cave to find more research pods. I didn't even use up those first tethers and it locked up. It is definitely a much bigger issue than just too many tethers. This was a single session of maybe a half an hour at tops.
  4. It crashes so hard I have to hold the power button down to turn it off. Then my computer goes into a recovery mode. I have triple monitors and each monitor is a different color. no sound, no mouse, nothing. It's completely dead, except the monitors each a different background color. No BSOD blue nor any messages. I sent a log once a week or so ago. Even posted a message here. I heard nothing from them as it is probably a common issues. Likely this tether thing. I'll collect some more, or maybe start new with no tethers. or at least collect them when done.
  5. I have been having crashing issues as well. I also have a lot of tethers, but my CPU is practically idling. I''ll try the platforms. But it seems very random. Sometimes I can play for more than an hour. Sometimes a few minutes. I'm in my truck now, so I don't use tethers much, except to climb up hills after spacecraft. Or leave them for landmarks. I have noticed a time or two that the tethers go black when they are connected properly. I usually pick up a tether and re-plop it down and it jump starts it again. I think they maybe need to focus on getting the tethers to work properly as it is crashing computers. Seems a high priority to me. I don't want to give up my tethers. lol
  6. Summary: 0650 - Steam - Crashes/Freezes randomly Description: Freezes up randomly. Must hold down the power button to quit. Astroneer crashes while playing all of the time. I usually get a blank greyish screen that is unresponsive and no sound or anything. Completely locked up. I have to hold the power button down to turn it of. On power on, it goes straight to recovery mode. (Windows 10 pro x64) I tell it to continue on to windows. The older log is a manual exit of the game from not being able to select some objects and not being able to enter space ship without removing seat first. Can't remove my storage bins either. The newer log was after restarting Astroneer and flying to a new planet (exotic) and it crashed much sooner than normal. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 CPU: Intel i7 8700k (stock) GPU: RX Vega64 (OEM - Alienware) RAM: Corsair 2x16GB DDR4-2666 Drive: Mushkin Reactor 1TB SSD 2.5" SSD (Only write down the drive where Astroneer is located)
  7. I noticed today when I was searching for research items off of spaceships and I came across a towering solar panel with the connector on the end. Then when the sun came up, as I was leaving, that the connector had the yellow power bars blinking like it was generating power. Is it possible to drag this thing home, or bring up a habitat and connect the two together and use it for a power source?
  8. I lost a vehicle once while driving and it just vanished into thin air on a bumpy road. I start walking in circles to see if it fell in a cave and I notice a shadow of my vehicle on the ground. I look up and sure enough, my vehicles were floating in mid-air. I tried jumping up and it fell to the ground. I got in it and it took off like nothing was wrong. Well, until I lost it later from the same thing, but I never found it. I died and was teleported back and noticed a truck symbol to the south (I lost my truck to the west a longs ways) I walk south and notice my truck is in the air and the tires are off it like they exploded off it. I ran under neath it and it fell to the ground, only to disappean. I then see another truck logo SW at the base of the mountains and just ran there is hopes of oxygen and when I made it there, the symbol disappeared and there was no truck. I died yet again. Maybe try a complete uninstall of the game as my new SSD hasn't given me any issues at all since installing it with a fresh copy of windows. see avobe.
  9. I've had this constant losing of vehicles, the recent patch was insanely worse. I lost a few vehicles in a few days. This time just leaving them parked while exploring the entrance of a cave and I return and vehicles gone and I die. I purchased a new SSD and installed it and a fresh install of win10 pro x64 yesterday and all of a sudden it stopped stealing my vehicles and I even found one that disappeared while I was searching a cave. Hopefully I find the others if I can still remember I lost them. I also noticed I don't get that installing MS visual C or whatever 2 libraries it installs on every time I start the game. (I shut off my computer everytime I finish with it and don't let is go to sleep/hibernate/or whatever power saving mode.) Maybe I have corrupt files from the game updating itself. I use no mods or assets. But things play much better now that I have a new SSD, but I still get poor FPS performance. like 10-12 fps on an RX 480 8GB.
  10. This morning when I play Astroneer crashes to desktop after a few seconds in game. I am at the trading post and I place lithium to see what it gives me and it crashes. The other times I was just at the base at it crashes after a few seconds as well. I even tried another machine with the same results. DxDiag.txt