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  1. Not sure they're plenty for me. I'm really hoping for some alien life.
  2. It was actually pretty hard to get a good screenshot with short rendering distance. (It's at max.) Aaaand hard to get a nice angle, but.. Lol. If I get even more bored, I'll make it a bit more accurate, but.. we'll see~
  3. There's a core. Just gotta find it. My friend and I did it and found Astronium. Unless that's not the core, then idfk. But I think most people miss it, because it's not very big.
  4. You wouldn't get anywhere with one stack of tethers. How would you start a new stack? From the base? From a vehicle? Doesn't make much sense to me. Can you elaborate?
  5. Same problem, except, I had an issue moving it with the winch before even restarting the server. I got it on the winch and back to the base, but it got stuck after a point, sunk a bit into the ground. When I dug into the ground, it jiggled a bit, but it wouldn't budge with the winch. Restarted the server the next morning and I could terraform through it and all that. So same issue and then some. I use steam.