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  1. I think this (I could be wrong). I gave been hearing some game sounds and beats in some modern commercials and movies, but I am just writing it off as the same thing as the "phantom phone vibrate" deal lol
  2. lol I can see the humor. I meant it more in the context that if it is not expressly a specific gender, the player may not feel or identify with the character the same.
  3. To want to personally identify with your game character in a sandbox game doesn't make sense? o_O Some people dont necessarily identify with unisex.
  4. Basically it comes down to psychology. Giving people genders or gender leaning models gives players a way to identify with their avatar and get more immersed. Its avatar creation 101. That being said; we dont have full avatars. Its said it will be looked at. Anyone saying genders are not needed does not understand how different gamers play and engage with the software in completely unique ways. Anyone saying that genders are absolutely needed have no idea what it takes to get one in game (properly). IMHO, for a pre-alpha and the size of the team, they made the SMART choice for this p
  5. Closet/Wardrobe - Love it!! Some days I just want that big bulky deep pressure space suit :-) Id settle for a "pick my astroneer" option on game load for that chance
  6. And has some of the highest post counts for this reason ...........
  7. Glad to see that image - Now I get what people have been meaning with the hard ground. The only thing is the endless nodes I have encountered have the little arrows to mine from and are usually a fraction of whats in that image.
  8. Multiplayer Football/Soccer!! :-D
  9. I agee (been building garages just under ground level) but I like the view of the world and my... umm .... design skills with the tool have a long ways to go lol
  10. But the storms still blows the rover away :-D Im on the garage/dock bandwagon so I can lockdown the vehicles.
  11. Is that one of those "big rocks" you need the drill for?
  12. I agree here. So far I have not encountered anything I cannot mine without the default hand tool. I have yet to "need" the drill as far as I can tell. Was curious what it was for also.
  13. If the storms are more destructive I would like a more legit way of storing/parking/anchoring my rovers (unless thats what the grapple is for lol) I agree with all here. Love the storms! Even the variety of styles on the different planets is a nice touch. I am impressed with what is out of the box this pre-alpha. Personally I have been lucky and had great stability with this game so WTG System Era!
  14. Ill hop on this bandwagon. Load a fresh save, items floating. Placing them back in the backback fixes em.
  15. Have you ever heard of a product called Emotiv? Its a bit pricey but is basically a home EEG. Its usable as a controller with some scripting. Ive seen RC cars and thing controlled with the smaller product called Insight, but the full EPOC may be more usable.
  16. Hello, I have 1 conversation with 3 received messages in my forum inbox. I went to compose a message and it says my box is full and to delete convos... Is this a bug? If not, what is our conversation/message limit? more than 1 convo I hope :-D Anyone else with this issue?
  17. I right clicked on login and opened in new tab but yeah same here Using Chrome on OSX
  18. Another voxel building game had this, so its probably doable. Personally Im on the fence. That other game focused on building and designing. The tools were there for very fine controls of the voxels. This game seems to focus more on the exploration and resources so to me, personally, I like the challenge of not being able to revert to "natural" since it feels more like mining and less like editing/designing. This would be a great question for a poll :-)
  19. lol coincidence. I think I read somewhere that most games (that have some content and depth) take anywhere from 3 to 6 years to develop depending on any pivoting or available resources. Figured if they did this awesomeness in 3, we would have a golden egg in another 3 :-D
  20. Wow 3 years already! Gratz System Era! Heres to another 3 to 1.0! (no rush, as we can see, taking time makes a nicer product)
  21. +1 for player role suites/buffs :-)
  22. I agree - Really a bummer to watch people not interested in gaming in general run some of these streams. A common trend for the big media outlets is to find someone with a pretty face for review/previews, but sadly they are never a gamer :-( Nice avatar Lee ;-)
  23. Howdy! It would be really neat if we could have a custom flag in game. Many games have done this in the past. Either as a game feature or a Mod function. A simple graphic added to a directory in game or uploaded to the game itself. Have a specific format and size as requirements. The flag could have a designated spot on the buggy/ships/base/suit. By default there could be some basic or simple flags. Not sure how easy it would be to get it to work multiplayer, but that would be cool. An ability to "plant" the flag would also be super sweet (think I saw we could, but may have be
  24. I guess the forums are not locked anymore..... Yup super excited, but at the same time don't want some friends that do not understand early access to be turned off by the incompletion. Some people forget it takes years to fully flesh out a game and that this is an even earlier build than a beta. Very excited at the road map :-)