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  1. I assume you gave up on fixing this bug right?
  2. xeryan

    Christmas tethers ?

    Cool 8)
  3. Batteries should first recharge to maximum, then flow the power to other nodes. It actually works in this way for the small battery on my backpack, but not for the medium battery. Research chambers should have the minimum power priority, not the maximum.
  4. +1 then nvm what I wrote above, current system is ok
  5. Edit: if I increase the power flow , the battery correctly charges because of the surplus, but still the priority change could be a thing
  6. You just need to unlock the solar panel and you will get maximum power (1 solar panel per research station), no need to wait. Then make a battery/big wind turbine for night = 24hr power flow. What the OP describes happens only at the start of the game, when you still have only the small generator/small wind turbine/small solar. This update, while increasing a bit the waiting, also reduces the pods that I need to bring to the base (expecially if you only look for the rare ones)
  7. xeryan

    Found a Weird Blue Thing

    Zebra balls are not rare
  8. xeryan

    Droid Companions

  9. xeryan

    Need Titanic expansion

    Love all of your ideas Valentine!
  10. xeryan

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Loving the update so far! Can't wait to see what's next Really would like to see more game lore / events
  11. Not a bug, the deform tool has been reworked: you can dig as much as you want forever, but to "put terrain" (ctrl/alt + click) you need to actually collect the terrain in a canister. Just craft a canister (1 resin) from your backpack and always bring it with you. Also, the deform tool no long consumes power (unless you have augments). Imho there should be a tutorial for this in-game, since it is not actually intuitive.
  12. Summary: 215 - Steam - Sometimes the rover won't connect to the base module Description: When you try to connect the rover to a module, sometimes it will connect only for a moment and will instantly drop for some reason. Attached videoclip: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0 (Latest) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.2ghz (4 CPUs) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 6GB RAM: 8 GB Drive: HDD 1 TB
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    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    yeah there are audio issues for me too, sometimes some audios did not play
  14. xeryan

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Maybe the mineral extractor should be nerfed a bit, dropping less items from the production
  15. xeryan

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Not a bug, they reworked the deform tool: you can dig as much as you want, but to "put terrain" (ctrl/alt + click) you need to actually collect the terrain in a canister. Just craft a canister (1 resin) and always bring it with you. Also, digging no long consumes power
  16. xeryan

    Someone messed with my Planets

    A glitch from the initial public release of Astrooner, a year later, still there
  17. xeryan

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    I love everything of the new update, you guys finally balanced the initial part of a game, which was really too easy imho. Can't wait to play and discover all of the new things!
  18. xeryan

    Energy Shield

  19. If I hover with the mouse on the shuttle or the base module to try to link them together, they cannot be linked bc no circle appears. I can reproduce this in every new game, just take off and land on every planet, the shuttle will become glitched = no longer linkable to the base. So, you can only link the shuttle to the base the first time that you build it on the vehicle bay, but once departed, it will become glitched as said above. First screen: you can see the connection tube but there is no way to actually link the shuttle to the base module. ------------------------------------------------ This is what happens if I try to extend the base module: The circle to extend the base normally appears so I click on it, then: When I retracted the module connection, the blue tube link to the shuttle also disappeared. Of course, the shuttle was unlinkable even before that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest screen: even on another planet, the glitch is consistent, the tube is visible but you cannot actually link the shuttle. Even if you hover the mouse near the base module connection point instead of the shuttle.
  20. I have to say, this thing is incredibly confusing, for someone that do not know that
  21. xeryan

    meteor showers

    like this idea!
  22. xeryan

    Can't seem to research storage

    Research more, it is researchable
  23. To the right is probably the space station (pratically the main menu), but what is the small object on the left ? I tried to reach it from the moon but there is a dig height limit
  24. xeryan

    Anyone researched Oxygen Tanks recently?

    No oxygen tank blueprint found in any of my recent games. It seems that the only way is to find an oxigen tank on a dead astroneer body