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    Dropping through the map

    thank you but how do you verify files?
  2. Sir Stuart

    We need a map

    Agree = mini map or map needed
  3. Sir Stuart


    Please can you pin this thread - or a patch history / release date thread so we can monitor whats new and news without so much community "noise"
  4. Sir Stuart

    Dropping through the map

    Will try - we also fall thru floor sometimes
  5. Sir Stuart

    Dropping through the map

    Also had this problem - you can jump and keep jumping until you start going upwards. Hopefully you can reach the tethers before you run out of O2
  6. Sir Stuart

    Dropping through the map

    We had the same problem at around midnight - Central EU time on 31 Dec 2016 - posted a note too
  7. Sir Stuart

    Dropping through the map

    Running a Steam account on PC I had been playing for some time with no problems - then I relaunched to a new planet (restart). Near my pod on the surface - I fell trough the surface of the planet - quite far - I ended up in a cave and took damage and died. When I didn't die - I ended up with no oxygen and died too. This happened every time I tried to walk around. I then tried to exit and restart - same issue. I then tried to relaunch to a new planet (restart the game) - and now my game is not working - i keep falling thru the floor. Running version