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  1. You're right. Sometimes having an event like that will make players excited. I know the game still under development. and they had a really really hardtime. I really hope to see many ideas from the team. Maybe a story behind
  2. First of all I really love the game. It totally stand out of others survical crafting games. I played the game since it new released and quitted for a while. And then recently i played again with lots of updates. I felt really shock since it improves a lot. But to be honest, the main reasons that make me NOT to open Astroneer is the same as last time: not knowing what to do next and knowing that i have to do the same thing everyday. With that said, i think maybe Astroneer need something to encourage people play it more and not get bored in long time. So i think how about a story behind it. Or some mysteries on each planets mixing up with some puzzle. So that people can more reasons to play.
  3. It's kinda annoying cauz' it just waste your slot. I hope that it can be fixed
  4. I don't know whether this is a bug or an idea. But i think dev-team should make this work in the image i attached, i had an organic material was not in compleated form. And i could not move it. it just stayed there and wasted my slot. I hope that dev-team update new patch for this problem
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I played on PC and got this problem. When I landed my Shuttle on a Vehicle bay, which on that time was having a Truck. The Shuttle literally landed on the truck And then I launched my Shuttle again to see if it could detach from the truck. But it draged the truck with in to the sky.