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  1. The devs will crack. Trust me I'm psychic. Ps. Don't make me out to be a liar guys.
  2. The article is not selling anything its just showing the average amount of ram PC games take these days. 8gigs is the minimum for most games. Not sure were you got your magic pc but I will assume you built it. When I updated from my 4gigs of ram and 560gtx I was shocked that I could multitask so well without problems. The rendering of the planets is pretty low. They are basically crushed into low poly balls you don't actually render anything till you orbit them. It's the same when you land on a planet. Your DOF or FOV is rendered but the rest of the world is crushed. If you can play the games
  3. Yeah this needs to be worked on. My truck is currently suspended in time and space above my head. I could probably throw some compound at it from here and see if I can knock it loose a bit. o _o
  4. Good to know you haven't gotten the fps drop bug that the devs are currently working on. Ppl with far better computers then mine complain on the discord channel often. I am not sure what kind of games you are playing but read this. http://www.howtogeek.com/245245/how-much-ram-does-your-computer-need-for-pc-games/ some high end games are optimized for 4gigs but that's the bare minimum and you will get drops in fps often.
  5. As far as I know they did mention liking the idea of dangerous fauna but you would have to outwit or avoid the creature instead of shooting it.
  6. Devs already promised that there will never be guns unless its a workshop download. There are plenty of alien shooter games and Astroneer doesn't want to join them. They are looking for a more unique approach to space exploration/survival.
  7. 4gigs of ram? This game isn't really meant to be run on a system like that. It requires 8gigs and that's pretty low as is. It might be time for an update. Even 8 isn't enough for most games these days.
  8. Yeah I have tons of ideas but I am going to take a break and get back to learning C# so I can bring some of my models to life.
  9. This suggestion is posted everyday. https://forum.systemera.net/topic/8004-weather-damage-and-biodome-repair-bots/?do=findComment&comment=31136
  10. This was one of my suggestions but some thing it would be best on a platform like all the other machines.