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  1. I haven't played Astroneer in a long while, and when i tried to play it yesterday it didn't work. I would load it up from Steam and then after only a min of play it would freeze and then I would have weird graphical errors on both of my screens like little dashes error. The thing on my second monitor would also freeze and i stop this every time by pressing Alt+F4 then closing the application in task manager. Also, last time I played this game i didn't experience these problems.
  2. It is like many other progression games, for the start of the game its fine but once you know there is better you thirst for it
  3. No, like imagine a rover but the whole front of it is just drill and you can dig in 45 degree angles downwards or upwards
  4. First and foremost the first 5 hours of this game WAS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST, all this new stuff and building and exploring. After those first few hours i started to think what now, so i flew to new planets and found that there is a lack of the basic materials needed to start off properly. Then i said okay i will go back to my main planet and gather resources where i found my super big truck has vanished and at that point i felt discouraged to go out and find things. BUT I STILL THINK THIS GAME HAS AMAZING POTENTIAL remind myself its early access and that it only become better, more polished
  5. Is there any way to tell what artifacts i already researched?
  6. So i have gotten to the point in my world where whenever i put the research balls to be checked it comes out with an ore rather then a new blueprint, but i am yet to get the large vehicle storage. any ideas? -Thanks