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    Fully Working Space Station

    Sounds awesome, hope devs see this
  2. Edit to major bug. 3. Moving through planets? - Sometimes when flying to other planets, or when selecting where to land, the shuttle flies straight through planets. 4,5. Respawning on the wrong planet and not being able to leave a planet - Happened to me once, but when dying on a different planet i respawned on the planet i started on, and the player that was playing co-op with me could leave with the shuttle anymore.
  3. So i have been playing the game for a few hours and instead of making a thread for each bug ill dump them all in one thread. Disclaimer:all of these were found on pc using mouse and keyboard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Major bugs. 1. Seeing into the world- Sometimes when exploring, i could see underground , resources caves and all, and if i got too close i would get stuck in the ground, and then either flung in the air or sucked underground to my doom. 2. Sitting under the rover? - One time when i played the game, when pressing tab to get into the rover instead of sitting in the chair my character would sit under the rover, i could still drive but the camera angle was pretty awkward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Minor bugs. 1. Head out of shuttle- Every time i play with the orange suit character, and i get in the shuttle, my head sticks out of the shuttle seat, looks like a cool window tho. 2.Flipping trucks/rovers - Pretty sure everyone knows abut this, but sometime the trucks/rovers go flying or flipping, once my rover even started flipping infinitely and became a shuttle, i never saw it again ;-;. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crashes. 1.Cant unplug audio - When i unplug either my headphones usb or my speakers aux cord the game crashes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all i got for now, i will keep updating and adding images