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  1. I forgot to add, this is where you can find the original topic/idea -
  2. Hi There, I drew a sketch to add to my Space Station idea, but I don't know how to edit posts, that's if you CAN edit them, my drawing isn't the best, but you should be able to make out the basic things
  3. Hi there, thanks for choosing to read my topic! This Rover would be equipped with - - A Camera to be able to see, the Camera would be in the middle of the Rover, and would have a 360. Rotation span. - An 8 Item storage compartment. - A Claw to pick up Drilled Items. Once the item is picked up it is automatically stored in the storage. - A Drill to trill materials, this includes Rare materials as well. - The Rover will run on Hydrazine, you can attach extra fuel to the storage, and refuel using your claw. - The Rover will be able to attach itself to a Mini Shu
  4. It could be, but I'm all for the "Take your time" approach, Although if they like this idea and will plan to add it, I'm hoping that it will be released in Alpha or Beta stage of the game
  5. If your planning to do space travel, ALWAYS! Bring some extra fuel with you, and make sure your shuttle/spaceship is topped off.
  6. Thank You So Much! It means alot seeing people enjoy my stuff, and I also really, really hope the developers see this and take note of this, or just use the whole idea
  7. I get where you're coming from, but aliens? , I mean the Trade Post does that pretty much, However, trading with other players on another planet, that might actually work
  8. I think you should be able to craft it, otherwise its kind of too easy, if you get what I'm saying.
  9. Your idea is also great! , But I think I'm going to stick to my own one, There's just something so satisfying of finally getting enough materials to craft something so huge, However you can also craft it from scavenging the wrecked space crafts on the planet, as said in my post.
  10. Yes, I can completely agree, especially in single player ^-^
  11. Thank You! I really hope the developers will consider it, and maybe in the next couple off months it will become a reality
  12. Hi there , Thanks for choosing to read my topic/idea. Hope you like it -Idea- * Companion Drone * -Abilities- - Your Drone can carry up to 6 materials. - Your Drone can supply x2 oxygen to your character. - Your Drone will always follow, even into caves. - Your Drone can be upgraded to have a lazer to destroy hostile plants. - Your Drone has an integrated battery with solar panel, so you have extra power in the day time. - Your Drone needs to recharge at the Drone Release Station. -Requirments- - x2 Compound. - x1 Lithium.
  13. I think they should add a Space Station into the game, Heres how it would function.- The Space Station would orbit the planet it was built on.- The Space Station would have 4 docking stations for 4 different shuttles and 2 docking stations for different spaceships.- The Space Station would require, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Lithium, Compound and Resin to make, Or it could be made with scavanged crashed probe pieces.- The Space Station would have a Printer, Reserch, Smelter and a Fuel Condenser.- The Space Station would also contain a trade station and a Shuttle Bay (Will Explain Later)- The