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  1. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Jet packs

    This idea was supported by one of my friends called Jumperfrog07!
  2. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Astroid Mining and Astroid Exploration!

    This idea was supported by one of my friends called Jumperfrog07!
  3. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Idea: Jet pack, definitively.

    Jet pack idea I hope you found it from me but I doesn't matter just would like it in the game this is a great idea and i would love to see it in a future update!
  4. Me and some friends had this idea. Astroid exploration, instead of just going to different planets why not allow exploring astroids. These astroids would have random unique materials and research, things like titanium, lithium, extra... This would be very help as a last resort if needed. It would obvious that you would have to use a space ship to get up to them, and if the astroid is big enough then you could live on them by setting a habitat down. I feel that this would be a whole new aspect to space travel then just swapping planets. - F3ARofH00Dlnl28
  5. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Exo suit/Mec!

    I stayed up to twelve today and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVREONE! -2017
  6. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Companion Drone

    This could be another thing that could help you such as the space station and having to repair your station if astroids hit it. Then again a good idea and hopefully they can take some of this stuff and implement it into the game which would be nice to have around. It sometimes would be appreciated to have a companion at your back.
  7. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Exo suit/Mec!

    This is just an idea that i got watching subnautica when they have the PRAWN suit. This got me thinking, there is a drill head in the game there is a winch in the game, why don't we make a Mec or exo suit that you can put that type of stuff on and use it like they do on subnautica. This of course would have alot of electricity and should have a battery limit like the rovers. It would be able to supply oxygen to you like cars but the thing is it will also have an oxygen tank and when that runs out it stops supplying you oxygen until it gains it back from either getting it in a cave, on the the ground or from your base/tethers. - F3ARofH00Dlnl28 Sorry from to anyone who hates the idea that i got it from subnautica.
  8. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Fully Working Space Station

    I think this would be a great idea to the idea of space survival and I totally think this would be something that I would enjoy.
  9. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Customization to character!

    For this I simply ask one thing, if there could be a customization for you astronaut in the beginning, things like the type of helmet the body the color of your suit would be something that would bring the game some more creativity. I believe that this option would show more of a bright side to things because some of the characters that you get to pick are kinda boring looking, that and most of my friends would only chose the astronaut in orange, I sometimes would want to be him to so I start a new world. This idea is just a minor thing but I think it would lead up to a more creative side of the game then a survival only based game. Again like what you guys are doing with the game thanks. - F3ARofH00Dlnl28
  10. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Jet packs

    I have other ideas i would like to share and i will be adding them for people to hopefully find interesting, if you do find any of these ideas interesting or you just want to add some ideas to this just leave a comment for me to read. -Thanks
  11. F3ARofH00Dlnl28

    Jet packs

    The reason i would like jet packs is not only because fall damage but just jumping ledges in general. I find it very annoying when i have to jump over a ledge and not being able to when i can just have that jet pack for an extra boost. Then there is the fall damage it is kinda hard to make a path down to a lower level in caves and usually i either start sliding and take damage, fall of the side when sliding, or just jump of and dying, the jet pack would help just to get down from high levels and do the opposite if necessary. The jet pack would just be a fun all around type item that could take your electricity so you don't fly forever, that will make it so getting power from caves and on the ground wont be so useless. I enjoy this game and i think you guys are going in the right direction keep up the good work and thanks. - F3ARofH00Dlnl28