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    One lat note. The build cost would be 2 Titanium for each platform.
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    IDEA: New Platform - Warehouse

    Item: Warehouse Platform Found: Via Research Build: 2 Titanium Purpose: provide 4 double ports for storage grids Re: centrally location research for easier/faster organization.
  3. My idea is to add a platform that would be specifically be used for generating and storing power. Item: Power Station Function: Consolidated location for generating Description: This platform would have three Double ports for power production. (Solor, Wind, Coal) Item: Power Storage Station Function: Consolidated location for storing power Description: This platform would have four Double ports for connecting batteries. I envision it as two towers each holding two batteries. You would find these via research that only allows you to build the platforms. You'll need to use the printer to produce the parts. I thought of this after seeing many sprawling bases filled up with all sorts power generators and storage. I thought it would be cool to have platforms to consolidate them so bases wouldn't have to be so spread out. It would also help players that land in confined spaces, or prefer to make small bases.
  4. My Idea is make a new printable item. Item: Conduit Cost: 2 Compound Function: to connect two platforms together for routing power and base connections. e.i.: you create a base from your Spaceship, but later one deploy a habitat nearby, but you can't connect them. Make a conduit and run it to the ports.
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    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    Thanks for the heads up. I built a new SS and only put one storage unit on it. It worked with the seat directly connected to the SS Platform. I've seen a few vids showing it with two storage units and still flying, but an update must have changed that.
  6. I just added two storage modules to my spaceship. After stocking it up and putting a one seat on it, the craft won't launch. The button appears, but it can not be pressed. No highlight appears when you hove on it. I've tried removing all the items and switching the seat position. None of these worked. The storage units can't be removed after adding them so I can't test if the spaceship will launch again with out them. I've launched the game both with Steam and directly. And in both full screen and windowed modes. The problem will not correct itself.