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    Can't click on Control Panels Anymore

    I have to agree. The feeling of clicking on the panels was satisfying. It makes it feel more like you are interacting with them. Using they keyboard for it isn't as quick or fun.
  2. Sproket

    Large Shuttle won't launch

    I managed to salvage the situation. Used dynamite to blow up one of the large storage. This crashed my game 4 times in a row. The last time I tried I'm not sure why it worked but I ended up with my lander floating upside down in mid-air with the storage removed. I put a 1-seat in, and was able to take off and land back in the vehicle bay. I then installed a shuttle cockpit which seems to work fine. You just can't take off from inside a capsule. No matter what configuration you try.
  3. PC with Keyboard on Steam, Windows 10, GTX1080FE latest drivers. Build a Large lander with two large storage units on it. Was unable to take off using a connected habitat module. To try to fix the situation I placed Dynamite on one of the large storage units. When the explosion goes off you can see it did destroy one of the storage units, however, the game crashes. Tried 3 times, each time the game crashed. Seems fully repeatable. A secondary bug is that you can't take off if you have two large storage on your large lander. Unsure how to fix this scenario as the large storage units can't be taken off the lander.
  4. Sproket

    Geo-Thermal Power

    Thought of a power type that could be a fun challenge for players and an end-game base power system. How about a geo-thermal power source for your base. It would require you to drill down to the center (or near the center) of the planet to reach the hot (maybe even lava) core. You'd have two pieces to connect, 1) Top-side power retrieval pod. 2) Core energy capture module. Activating the core module would trigger the top-side power retrieval pod to automatically drill down a connecting pipe to the capture module, forming a connection. The "always-on" nature of this power source could be countered by the core capture module slowly going bad from the heat, requiring it's replacement periodically (maybe a randomly increasing chance to fail after 10-20 in game days. etc. Also thinking this power source would not work on the Barren moon, due to it being a cold dead planet.
  5. After playing a bunch more I've noticed a new pattern emerging. I'm researching way to many "filters" to the point that there is a pile of filters in the corner of my base. Filters aren't really a useful item, so I don't bother using them. They also can't be traded on the trade station for anything, so they become an item that just takes up game rendering resources and an annoyance. I suggest either making them trade-able at the trade station, or removing them as a research discovery. Another fix for them might be making them useful so people will actually use them. I'd try to blow them up but after 12 hours playing with friends we have yet to discover the dynamite blueprint. That's another thing that isn't so great. For an item that essentially equates to a "delete" key, making people wait until end-game to get it is a little overboard. I mean, i'm now flying to other planets but still don't have the technology to blow something up.
  6. I still have yet to actually use the generators. They basically just sit there. Some ideas for making them more useful: Make the generators items you get early on in the game. Usually by the time I get them, my base is generating so much power, the generators are pointless. Make the large generator take fuel from a variety of sources. Organic, Rocket Fuel and Coal. These materials could run the generator faster, or longer than the others. Organic (middle), Rocket fuel (fast burst but not for long), Coal (Longest burn). As it stands I just don't use the base generator as there is not enough fuel for it, and coal is better spent as a trading material. Make coal burn for a long time. Like, enough to burn through a single night. Rocket fuel would be enough to single charge a base station once quickly. Organic would be enough to single charge a base station slowly. Let the small generator be powered by rocket fuel, but not coal, this way you could take rocket fuel with you to quickly charge up your vehicle. If these changes were made, generators would go from being irrelevant to a fun and handy way to get through the night.
  7. Overall observation about the new system that sums it up for me. Other games like Diablo 3 suffered from the exact same thing. Too much RNG is not FUN. RNG = Random Number Generator. As a game designer, when you approach the idea of "challenge" that is not the same as "time-consuming." Having it take 10 hours to get a printer is not a "challenge" it's just time-consuming, grindy and boring. A challenges are things like: poisonous terrain that guards rare materials having to attach a large solar panel to your base so you have enough power to power something special that can't be built without it Making two bases on the same planet and connecting them with a rail system (rail system!) Dragging multiple types of ships back to your base with a winch to assemble something special. In short. The fun of playing in a sandbox is using the toys, not spending hours simply trying to find one or two toys to play with. Making things a grind is a developer's cop-out. Making things fun an imaginative takes more work, but is ultimately more rewarding for players.
  8. New progression system is really bad. Sucks the fun right out of the game. 1) Having items that give you the same thing as something you already found is horrible and demoralizing. Why I am I allowed to "discover" the same blueprint over and over. In what way is this fun or does this make any sense whatsoever? Ugh. 2) I have materials piling up everywhere and nothing to make with them. I've researched so many items that i have to tether across the entire planet to find more research. But yet, still no vehicle bay, or printer? C'mon. Item progression should be brought into the equation. 3) Not being able to trade fuel is fine, but then give me a way to burn it. Like, let me put it on the generator or something in addition to coal. I'm just winding up with tons of fuel and nothing to do with it. Not sure why this patch was rolled out when its clearly and obviously inferior to the original system after just a few play-throughs. Spending 5 hours playing with a friend just to still be in the starting phase with no vehicles is lame. Bugs: 1) In multiplayer, if the player joining collects more resources than their backpack can hold, the overflow items can't be picked up.
  9. I've never been able to join co-op. I always get sent to my standard screen that has my save games on it. I've opened all Steam ports and confirmed they are open properly.
  10. Thanks. I'll try. I've never been able to join a steam game. I always just get placed on the normal create game screen, which just creates a new save rather than joining my friend. I port-forwarded the steam ports and checked they are open with an outside tool. It should work, just doesn't.
  11. Would love to be able to craft and lay down sections of bendable connective base cable. Right now when you make a new base segment, it automatically adds about 4 feet of cable and plops a new modular unit. Instead, I'd like to be able to run a length of base extension cable however I want. Ideally letting it be moved around and curved like a piece of bendy hose. This would allow us to run base cabling down into caves, or place solar or wind stations on mountain tops, etc. It would really open up the creative aspects of base building in interesting locations.
  12. Sproket

    Base connect to fallen solar panels

    Heh. I did the same thing. Very annoying that it didn't connect.
  13. Thinking this would just be for the next planets you go to. Rather than the first planet.
  14. Sproket

    simple but effective food/water system

    As long as it doesn't become "The Sims." I found getting hungry or thirsty really ultra annoying when I was right in the middle of doing interior design. Bodily function simulators aren't fun. One way to fix this is to make adding hydroponics labs, or water collectors something that give you a power-up. Like faster running when you have a "Fresh food" station with a water collector attached. This would keep it from being an annoyance and make it more of a benefit once you have it.
  15. I'd really like to be able to fly low, or survey planet detail remotely and more carefully choose what part of the planet will be a "starting area." Rather than having to choose from preset starting areas. I do like the feel of a controlled ignition burn that gets you to the planet in one calculated shot. It just feels more "NASA and less "Star Wars." So a remote survey could work. Maybe it's a way to look at the planet and "choose landing area" from afar. While still allowing you to see the planet surface in detail. Then you could mark your spot and start your fuel burn. This would feel more like exploration in the traditional sense. NASA looks at detail photos of planets to decide where they want to set down and explore.