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  1. Yes, please IMPROVES PERFORMANCES! I AM GETTING 20-10 FPS in game when on a planet when I play with another friend. When solo, I get 30Fps, no more. This ain't normal!
  2. Hey there, going to make the idea popular cuz I have the same issue with many friends and random people joinning in. PLEASE MAKE A SYSTEM THAT USES "INVITATION CODE" so that let people who have the code join in only. That would be very appreciated. Also, please let us set the amount of players we want to have in the game, (make sure it can be modified during gameplay too). Thanks. I'm getting annoyed of the very high amount of random players joinning in when I want to be with a friend only. Also, give us a chatbox so we can chat by text in game without having to use Steam or any other com
  3. Hey there, on Astroneer, it happens often that when we restart the game (client), the game won't let us join our friend game. What it actually do is simply remaining on the menu, doing absolutely nothing, countless the amount of tries we do it. Thanks for understanding and fixing ASAP!
  4. Hi there, when I play, there's a very annoying bug which makes the printer arm going up for an infinite and unknown height.