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  1. Luxorjr

    Microsoft Rewards Gamepass Quest

    @Gina Yes I still have my email confirmations. I actually purchased it whilst it was still in preview 17th December 2016.
  2. Luxorjr

    Microsoft Rewards Gamepass Quest

    I'm unsure what you mean by this @Gina. Am I visible as an active user or am I connected to the internet. My visibility status varies based on circumstance but I'm connected online all the time. I played the Xbox version last night and then the PC version. My save game migrated across in order to continue so I'm connected to the online servers. I was also pleased that the vintage palette and visor remained unlocked having had that disappear recently (it only came back yesterday) and just leaves the retro suit to one day reappear.
  3. Luxorjr

    Microsoft Rewards Gamepass Quest

    Thanks for the replay. However I'm playing it on Xbox (and I'm up to date). The Rewards app operates instantly on the console and doesn't acknowledge the achievement unlocking. I'll try to use the PC version on my laptop and see if that can unblock the issue.
  4. Luxorjr

    Why didn't I get the Retro suit ?

    I played this heavily before 1.0 The retro suit appeared briefly then vanished and has never reappeared. I'm also having similar issues with the vintage items than have also vanished.
  5. This method worked for me. However after leaving the planet it has now relocked.
  6. Luxorjr

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    I've just discovered that lost my vintage stuff having found the lander last week. This is on top of my still missing retro suit which has never reappeared despite these fixes. I'm on Xbox and have been playing this since in Game Preview (btw it is still called that on my machine in places even after all the updates). And for those you collect the Microsoft Reward Points the Achievements in Astroneer do not register despite being acquired within the active time window. The irony being Astroneer is actually a shown as the lead game on the reward graphic.
  7. I found the Lander and unlocked the vintage palette and visor. I play tonight and it has locked up again. Erik this continue to happen like the retro suit which still doesn't reappear?
  8. The Microsoft Rewards have quests to earn reward points. One current quest requires you to unlock achievements in ID@Xbox games. Astroneer is shown as an example. I unlocked an achievement but it isn't recognized on the Xbox Rewards app. I notice that my edition of the game is still titled as being game preview despite being reinstalled (it was purchased during this period). Could this also explain why my retro suit refuses to appear?
  9. Luxorjr

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    Does this include players who haven't had the retro suit appear since upgrading to 1.0? It appeared briefly on my Xbox One X whilst in preview then vanished.
  10. I managed to create my first vehicle on the Xbox One edition. It's a Rover with a single seat. However its uncontrollable. There's a vague inclination to go left/right but any attempt to move just makes it flip onto its roof. It actually behaves like a bucking bronco machine than a wheeled vehicle. What an I doing wrong?