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  1. Unholyfroggod


    I'm disappointed and sad that the terrain glitch made it to 1.0 You get one by your base and you have to constantly be careful not to fall into it and float through and suffocate or get shot through the planet to other side or shot into space. This is game breaking. It's been there since the first early Alpha. I really though this would be fixed by full release. It makes me sad. I'm thinking this might be a bug that can't be fixed due to the game engine or something.
  2. Unholyfroggod

    Steam 1.0 Terrain glitch

    It only seems to do it on the "Indestructible" black stone that the base sits on. I can't dig there to get rid of it but I can dig the ground around it and it goes away on that part. Can I move that starting platform?
  3. Unholyfroggod

    Steam 1.0 Terrain glitch

    Stuff falls thru the world and back to top of screen. lol
  4. Unholyfroggod

    Steam 1.0 Terrain glitch

    I haven't seen this in a long time honestly. It's back tho. I did save and exit and it's still there. I'm going to try to dig where the glitch is and see if that fixes it. I think it used to.
  5. Unholyfroggod

    Teleported thru planet.

    I loaded a save game. My character floated up thru the planet (I was deep in the planet when I saved). I landed in a spot where I had never been. No tethers. No oxygen. I Died. When my new life was dropped to the planet my body showed as if it was on the other side of planet. I lost my stuff that previous save is now gone so I can't upload it (when I exited it replaced it) so I'm not sure how I could help find this bug.
  6. Unholyfroggod

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Very nice. Thanks. You guys are doing a great job
  7. Unholyfroggod - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    This same thing happened to Minecraft all the time. It was ALWAYS behind the PC version. It's just the way it is. It will come. Give it a little time
  8. Unholyfroggod

    Vehicles go missing

    They fall through the ground The terrain glitches like this and I can see my trucks that have fallen thru the earth. I fell thru this glitch and died
  9. Unholyfroggod

    Glitched terrain

    Made a video ASTRONEER_(Game_Preview)_1_3_2017_8_53_31_AM.mp4
  10. Unholyfroggod

    Glitched terrain

    I posted this in the Bugged truck post as well. I think the trucks are glitching underground due to the terrain generation being bugged. My trucks were fine until the one time I came back to my planet and all the terrain on the planet started looking like the pics below. I think when the terrain gets bugged it causes objects to fall through the "glitches" in the terrain. These are some pretty big ones (I can even see the underside of my base). I have noticed much smaller ones at times but these are just huge. I walked in to the glitch where my trucks fell underground and I glitched into the ground and started "swimming". Maybe it's the "save" for the planet being corrupted? and it's not being drawn properly when reloading? idk. I'm not a Dev Just wanted to post these. I hope it helps. Can we upload saves so the Devs can load them up and see what's going on? I'm loving this so far This is on the PC
  11. Unholyfroggod

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    My trucks glitched underground after I returned to my home planet. It didn't happen the first 3 times. but the forth time I went away and came back my entire planet is glitched. I'll have to delete this save . It is rather nice to be able to see where all the ore is underground tho. I "fell" into the glitch and started "swimming" instead of walking. Again, my planet was fine. I visited 2 others and returned and all way well. The third time I came back is when my planet got all hacked up. It's not just around my base. It's all over. Like the gods were drunk when putting it together Sorry forgot to mention. It's on PC.
  12. Unholyfroggod

    What are these striped balls for?

    I want to build a big ramp and roll them down
  13. Unholyfroggod

    Cannot mine resources on rocks :)

    OOOH! well, crap. It's not a bug then Devs can delete this post.
  14. Small bug. Can't mine the resources off of this rock I got the ones next to and under it tho . lol
  15. Found a few of these. They sink into a slot but they are not research because they refuse to go on the research building What are they?