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  1. How do I get my friends to join. I invite them but only one can join. 

  2. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    Its a pink ore in cave then you smelt it
  3. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    To load a game, you have to go to the right past the character until you see a blue pod and load that and you have your save.
  4. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    This is xbone btw
  5. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    On Xbone its a little weird, you have to hold down LT to get a cursor and use the right stick to move it and hover over the launch button and press RT. This works with basicly everything if you want to move stuff around or just activate thigs
  6. TruMoo_


    If you research the things you already reasearch the thing like a blue/orange sphere more than once you can get lithium or titanium. You can find lithium deep down in the world on other planets idk of you can mine lithium on the main planet
  7. TruMoo_

    No multiplayer on Xbox One?

    The host has to be in a world already loaded. If this doesnt help just try random stuff. i have my friends in a world and it works perfectly fine Hope this helps
  8. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    Its basically like a smelter, all you just do is put the item on the storage.
  9. TruMoo_

    Disappearing Vehicles (XBox One)

    This is normal, if you go to another planet ot go far away from you vehicles it will just clip through the ground, same with items just lyin' on the ground. The game will unload the the terrain so you wont lag a ton
  10. TruMoo_


    Since you are playing xbox, all the player have to own the game. on person send all the invite (via. pary) and everyone joins. it takes a bit for it to load and after a min or so you choose you character modeland the should join your world
  11. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    You make a vehicle bay and it should be 4 compound for the rover. conect the line to your base for power and your set. add a solar panel so you dont have to keep recharging it after everytime you explore
  12. TruMoo_

    Did I find something special?

    Its in every world, its basically just in a map like a abandon spaceship you cant do anything with it
  13. TruMoo_

    how do destroy buildings?

    You cant get rid of modules or buildings once you place them their there forever. Tethers dont really make lag but if you are on Xbone you select the tether (were you can move it around) and press the X button and you will get rid of it. I dont know how to get rid of it on pc
  14. TruMoo_

    Rover Mutation. Please send help.

    Yeah, since Im on Xbone it lags like hell. Its fun to find new ways to progress in this game.
  15. TruMoo_

    How do I...?

    Sorry, coal can also be found deep in the world. not just caves