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  1. Same for me
  2. Summary: 201 - Steam - Main menu/options Description: I come to refer you a bug in the options that blocks my game if I try to save the changes. When I apply the changes it displays a gray screen to me I can not do any action besides making ESC. And this gray screen remains present despite that I make ESC then Main Menu. I made a one-minute video to show you what it is. Attached files. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS : Windows 7 x64 CPU : AMD FX-9590, 4,7Ghz GPU : MSI R9 390X Gaming Edition 8GB RAM : Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1866Mhz Drive : WD Black 2To astro_steam_options.mp4
  3. Hi,Why can not I launch my spaceship? Simply because I can no longer click on the icon to take off. Different configuration of the spaceship tried: 2 Large stockage -> I can't launch 1 Large stockage + 1 Crane -> I can't launch PC Config: Win7 x64 AMD FX 9590 (4,7Ghz) AMD R9 390X (msi version, 8Go)