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  1. After the shuttle from the trading platform starts for the first time it is invisible to the clients in multiplayer. The client can not get or add resources to or from the shuttle. But the client can launch the shuttle again -.-.
  2. i forgot to mention I'm playing Patch - December 29th 2016, STEAM
  3. i noticed two bugs happening in multiplayer where the client is not able to collect from resource dispensers or pick up resources that have been dropped by himself because the backpack was full. 1) Sometimes the client is not able to gather resources from the dispensers. The animation is playing and energy is used but the resources are not collected. 2) If a clients collect resources and his backpack is full the resource is dropped on the ground. The client is not able to pick this resource up. The server is able to pick them up. If the client leaves the area and returns later the resource is gone (for the client) but still visible for the server. Patch - December 29th 2016, STEAM HWInfo.txt
  4. I noticed a massive performance drop over time. After playing for an hour or so i noticed that the game became very slow and unresponsive. First i thought it was because of the ever expanding base but after i restarted the game the performance was back to normal. It seems that the performance drop over time becomes bigger with more modules build. So i have to restart the game more often to keep it playable. This happens in single and multiplayer. HWInfo.txt