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  1. +1 I've been having similar thoughts about how to make storage more useful except I was playing around with the idea of stacking the small storage on top of each other like a shelving unit. I like SireEcho's idea better though with the addition of it feeding the printer (from Nich)etc.
  2. Hi guys, after playing for the last few weeks and watching others play on youtube, I'm getting the feeling that making sure we've got maximum length on each tether seems to be an annoyance for most of us. I suggest something simple like changing the tether colour to red 10% (of length) before the maximum length is reached? Running back a step or two starts to get tedious after a while! haha
  3. Same issue with me and my friend, it's the guest that bugs out. He takes off, clicks on the moon landing pad, shows the animation that he is travelling but instead shoots him off into space. Bug has been replicated twice. Quitting and rejoining game returns him to home planet base without shuttle but he is now unable to enter space and come back safely WIndows 10, steam versions for both of us.
  4. I kept noticing my filters were gone from my backpack and eventually discovered that they activate as soon as they are crafted. It would be more logical for these to activate once the main oxygen tank is empty AND/OR attached to the side slots, this way the filters are on hand for emergencies and don't have to be crafted in a rush. It would also be more beneficial for the organic material to not activate on the generator until the main energy supply is empty. This also keeps both of these emergency consumables out of the main backpack slots. Steam/ mouse&keyboard. General gamepla