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  1. oGREASERo

    What would you like to see in next patch?

    I'm with him on this one! ??????
  2. oGREASERo - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    Thanks for the help! I love the game and the system era community!
  3. oGREASERo - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    Oh ok I'm im understanding the process better now! So how long does it take Microsoft to do that a week or two?
  4. oGREASERo - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    What's delaying the update do you know the exact reason? Is it Microsoft delaying the update or system era?
  5. oGREASERo

    Xbox One - Delete Save Game

    Here's my short tutorial! Check it out! It will show you step by step!
  6. oGREASERo - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    When will update be realeased to XBOX ONE because we're still on update any info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Ok so I'm sure everyone that try's to watch the video can't watch it so I'll put up the YouTube link for the video!
  8. Ok a lot of people are wanting to know how to delete saves on XBOX ONE in this short video I'll show you a quick step by step instructions! Hope you guys enjoy! IMG_0654.MOV
  9. Did the vid load for you and was it helpful?
  10. You can delete your saves on XBOX ONE! Here's How! I made a video hope you guys enjoy my tutorial and watch it! Thanks! 50506765983__E5726FA5-C9F6-4BF8-9A89-44D8E15FC647.MOV
  11. oGREASERo

    Fully Working Space Station

    This was well thought out! I hope the developers see this and take some notes! I'll be with you on this one! "Houston to Astroneer you have a go"
  12. oGREASERo

    New Planet!

    Yes a massive planet with much to do. I'm just hoping that the developers are seeing this. They can eaither make a planet like Saturn or have plenty of ideals from our discussions to help them develop along the way!
  13. oGREASERo

    New Planet!

    The distance to Saturn from the sun keeps these gases, and the temperature of the planet, cold. Traces of water are present in the atmosphere, but predominantly as ice. The surface of Saturn is defined by the region where the pressure of the planet reaches one bar, equivalent to the pressure at sea level on Earth.
  14. oGREASERo

    Improve the Compass

    Yes a bigger compass with tick marks is something I'd like to see!
  15. oGREASERo

    Greater Terraforming Tools & Base customization

    I really like these ideals! #astroneerislife