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  1. Mentaltentacle

    Satellite Mini Game

    all 4 of my saves I have found the satellite and powered it up and all 4 of them the panels have spawned in the grey unmineable part under my habitat. i think you have to get a lucky initial landing that is below what the game engine thinks is ground level. (I'm guessing the coordinates for the panel spawn are 0,0,0)
  2. Mentaltentacle

    Usesless spaceship part that I can pick up???

    Have you tried them in the smelter?
  3. Mentaltentacle

    Terrain tool mods UI

    Some really good ideas here. I like the way you approach implementing colour especially. Could be a separate paint nozzle etc. Would be nice to have some different shape nozzles as well like square and triangle.
  4. Mentaltentacle

    White dots in grid formation

    I get the same thing on the Xbox version. White dots all over the screen, especially noticeable on blue terrain underground. It's a bit like an anti aliasing issue but they are separate dots not jagged lines if that makes sense. I will attempt to get a screenshot unless Leo has one.
  5. Mentaltentacle

    XBOX ONE Bugs so far after 11 hours play

    I have experienced the same problems, but also: - after loading a save some base platforms don't give my character oxygen, no blue wire. - entering a truck as it is falling causes my game to crash to dashboard. - fps is better now but still looks about 15 fps
  6. Mentaltentacle

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Happened to me also. Xbox one version. rover appears to have glitched through the ground when reloading the base, found it about 50 meters below my base in a cave!
  7. Mentaltentacle

    Frame rate Xbox one

    I have the same frame rate issue. Started a new game until it can be sorted, will have to only build a few key things and not build on other planets, I think that's what killed mine.
  8. Mentaltentacle

    How do I...?

    How do I find my base if I go off in my rover and lose sight of the bubble?