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  1. Boychaz05

    Floating items

    When I am in game and I load my progress most of my items are floating. All the items from my storage are floating and, the items in my backpack are floating. This isn't a major glitch it's just slightly annoying as you have to pick up all of your items and put them back. this is just kind of annoying, so I hope that you can fix it. Thank you
  2. Boychaz05

    Mini backpack overlay

    The computer has a button and the Xbox doesn't. i can understand it's difficult to find an extra button or sequence of buttons but it would be amazing if we could have that button. By the way I haven't died once yet so my only complaint is what I have just wrote example: in a storm I have to grab all of my materials I have left on the ground, without the quick pickup button the storm has arrived after I have picked up two items, causing me to die and in that time lose all of my items due to the storm blowing them away. If any people who work for system era read this then, we hope you can fix this and can try to fix the floating items bug Thank you (the floating item bug is when you load the game and all of your items from your backpack and storage system are floating)
  3. Boychaz05

    Mini backpack overlay

    I agree. Putting items in the backpack can be frustrating and is hard to do cause of the camera rotation, if there are other storage units on screen and where the character is, but I think system era have made this game to the best of their abilities and would soon be able to fix this bug if they worked towards it.
  4. Boychaz05

    Any lag Xbox players?

    The most probable answer would be that all the chunks you have loaded stay loaded unlike many other games. All the bases and other thing that are on the planet you are will be loaded (if you explored them already). So if you have a a truck, a solar panel, a generator all running at day it will cause lag due to the fact that they are activated. i hope you found this information useful.
  5. Boychaz05

    Any lag Xbox players?

    I play on Xbox for astoneer and the only problem I have found is that when you load the world again some items that were in your backpack before are floating same for the storage units. It isn't anything major i just wanted to alert you about the bug. If in the future it does start to delete the floating items I will alert you. great job with the game so far! It's graphics are probably better than Abzu.