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  1. Platform: Windows, Steam I play Astroneer for a long time and had no hard issues. Driving around, changing terrain, all went smoothly and fine. But after a gaming pause of some month and the newest update all fun has gone. I play only singe player and now the game takes up to 30 seconds to update or generate terrain. This appears in 2 situations: When driving a straight route (e.g to the next tower) the vehicle suddenly gets stuck on an invisible border. After about 10 to 20 seconds, terrain details pop up and i can go on. After a short drive this happens again. When I am stuck, I can change my view and alle effect animations and starfield movement is going on. So it is not completely frozen After entering that "new terrain" all changes, applied with the terrain tool, take up to 30 seconds until shown. This makes it impossible to work precise. When changes appear it often gets much smother afterwards in that area but will be laggy again when going farer away It feels like the terrain generation und geometry calculation seems to be far behind the game input. It would be nice, if you can fix this. Best regards FlyBoy
  2. Space beacon sounds nice. I assume a beacon very high in the sky or detectable by some orientation device.
  3. Who needs the long tether lines, when you have a vehicle which provides energy and oxygen right at your place? This mechanic would be nice to be activated in the backpack. Also put it in "reverse" to collect tethers you are running over.
  4. Idea 1 can get very irritating an mess up one's assortment. E.g. I collect all copper and aluminium at the forge. It would be very irritating, when some parts of it just be moved from switching through the models in the printer. Maintaining a good method of sorting your stuff is part of the game.
  5. Reducing the game to essential needs in the scenario makes it cool. The food and sleep problem would just add complexety but no fun I think.
  6. Interesting. If this destroys your base you need to cover it in a cave. Maybe only the connections of the buildings get destroyed, so to must repair with som raisin.
  7. Agree to the altimeter, since it is a simple physical concept and would help a lot, especially underground. Gps would remove the necessity of active orientation by landmarks and beacons, wich I think is one core aspect of survival. So gps would spoil the challenge of finding your way. Also technically it relies on a bunch of sattelites which are carefully managed. Thats nothing you can build, when you are nearly alone on a planet.
  8. Makes sense, but the storm events (or at least storms with so much power) should be seldom.
  9. 1+ for animals that are different to the patterns we are used to.
  10. At least you get revived after dieing. Real life is much harder. Thats one aspect of survival games. You must evaluate you plans before you put them into action.