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  1. Pocobeastu

    [BUG]Printer going up for infinite

    I've seen this bug reported other times before. I believe someone else said it happened to them when their printer ran out of power during a printing job.
  2. Similar to what TrojanSteel said, I always pack a habitat to use to start a base when I travel to another planet. It's convenient because it serves as a seat on the shuttle too.
  3. Here is a list of suggestions that me and my friends have created after 3 days of gameplay: Space stations that are expandable and customizable (these would ideally show up as landing zones when orbiting a planet and could serve as bases) Mobs or creatures (both neutral and hostile) that are planet specific Craftable and upgradeable weapons that operate on suit power - these could include a pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Expandable inventory space via upgradeable backpacks Upgradeable mining tool that harvests resources in greater amounts More vehicle options like airplanes and smaller personal vehicles Jet pack or similar personal flying gadget Dynamic weather effects (i.e. "Arid" requires heat protective suit and buildings and "Radiation" requires radiation protection) Gas masks that reduce damage from gas plants Health bar to display remaining health (with health upgrades to expand it) Energy upgrades to increase personal energy More planets with varying environments (i.e. lava planet, oceanic planet, heavily-forested planet) NPCs - these would be rare and appear in villages or small towns Expanded base customization with craftable structures like walls, doorways, arches, windows, lights, roofing, foundations, furniture, stairs, ladders Craftable roads to provide stable paths for rovers and trucks Landing pads that can be built and used with shuttles and spaceships as custom landing zones More flora for planets such as different types of trees, shrubs, thorns that damage the player, mushrooms, ferns, etc. More weather than just the sandstorms - these events could be planet specific and include acid rain, earthquakes, fire storms, or blizzards Craftable clocks or watches that indicate relative time of day
  4. Pocobeastu

    A Massive Bug List (PC)

    Here are all of the bugs that me and my friends have encountered over the past three days of consistent (around 17 hours) play on PC through Steam: The bugs below are "general issues" that apply to both host and non-host players. Occasionally, both host and non-host players re-spawn underneath the terrain after a death and slowly "float" back to the surface When a non-host player joins a session, all players experience sharp drops in frame rate as the player lands Frame rate degrades for all players over time the longer a world exists Landing 2 shuttles or spaceships in the same landing zone causes them to "overlap" with no collision, resulting in several vehicles occupying the same space When operating a vehicle with an attached crane and drill head, tight spaces often cause collision issues that throw the vehicle around if the crane is carelessly operated When using a crane to obtain resources that are automatically placed in an attached vehicle storage, incomplete item stacks remain on the storage indefinitely and cannot be grabbed by any player in the game session When approaching a building platform that has anything attached to the front node with a vehicle, the blue highlight for a potential cable connection causes the item attached to the front node to automatically detach, even though the cable has not yet been connected Oxygen tethers occasionally lose their oxygen supply and lights inexplicably (this can be reset by grabbing and replacing the tether attached to the main oxygen supply) Vehicles occasionally disappear from a given planet if all players leave and return to said planet Wind turbines often spin randomly, independent of other nearby turbines Wind turbines and vanes do not respond to wind storms Creating a building platform while standing in the construction zone causes any player to become stuck in the platform with no means of escape The bugs below are "client issues" that apply to non-host players only. When attempting to land a shuttle (not tested with spaceship as of yet), non-host players have become stuck in space after selecting a landing zone and are unable to select any further options Non-host players often experience an issue when inside of a truck or rover where their player model appears under the vehicle during operation When traveling to a new planet (specifically "Tundra" in our case), non-host players were unable to see newly-placed buildings constructed by the host, nor were they able to construct buildings of their own Non-host players have experienced several issues regarding the winch, specifically instances where multiple winch cables can be utilized and where improperly placed cables do not return to the winch Non-host players can request trade post shipments, but they are unable to see or interact with a ship that returns to the post Non-host players have consistently experienced missing ground textures and collision, resulting in "holes" that non-host players are able to fall into and see resources through Non-host players always initially spawn in on "Terran" (the first planet) regardless of the planet they previously saved on Non-host players' inventories do not save when rejoining a previous game session When a non-host player leaves a game, the contents of their backpack float in midair and are able to be retrieved by other players Non-host players are occasionally unable to interact with a backpack they have returned to after death (the host can interact with these backpacks) If a non-host player's inventory is full and they acquire a stack of a particular item, causing it to "pop off" of the harvesting tool, they are unable to interact with that item stack (the host can interact with the item stack) The state of the terrain is not saved for non-host players that rejoin a game session, causing "invisible resources" that produce no item stacks for non-host players to be present in the game world When using a 3-seated truck occupied by both a host and non-host player, the host exiting the vehicle often causes sporadic, flailing behavior for the truck When using a 3-seated truck, a non-host player may appear to be seated to the host, while they are actually absent from the vehicle Non-host players occasionally encounter an issue with their player model appearing sideways upon exiting a shuttle or dying (they can "emote" to reset their player model) Constructed vehicles in front of a vehicle bay disappear for non-host players if the vehicle in question leaves the render distance of said player (the vehicle will sometimes reappear if physical contact is made by the non-host player)