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  1. I've seen this bug reported other times before. I believe someone else said it happened to them when their printer ran out of power during a printing job.
  2. Similar to what TrojanSteel said, I always pack a habitat to use to start a base when I travel to another planet. It's convenient because it serves as a seat on the shuttle too.
  3. Here is a list of suggestions that me and my friends have created after 3 days of gameplay: Space stations that are expandable and customizable (these would ideally show up as landing zones when orbiting a planet and could serve as bases) Mobs or creatures (both neutral and hostile) that are planet specific Craftable and upgradeable weapons that operate on suit power - these could include a pistol, rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Expandable inventory space via upgradeable backpacks Upgradeable mining tool that harvests resources in greater amounts More vehicle
  4. Here are all of the bugs that me and my friends have encountered over the past three days of consistent (around 17 hours) play on PC through Steam: The bugs below are "general issues" that apply to both host and non-host players. Occasionally, both host and non-host players re-spawn underneath the terrain after a death and slowly "float" back to the surface When a non-host player joins a session, all players experience sharp drops in frame rate as the player lands Frame rate degrades for all players over time the longer a world exists Landing 2 shuttles or spaceshi