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  1. i like this idea and was going to post similar request/
  2. would be nice to 'double upgrade' to rocket pad. so you build the bay. then you can upgrade / build that, or whatever bay, to rocket pad. from space the rocket pad icon / path / ring / entry point should be clear and easily selectable over the other landing points.
  3. might be a setting. i can leave mine for about 10 minutes. i usually set an 8 minute timer on my apple watch, while i run a couple errands while playing......
  4. interesting: the earth curves 8 inches per mile. i wonder what the curve rate is for the various planets?
  5. i have built bases on mountain tops, that was last patch's theme. i have driven off of ledges and mountain tops, you can survive most of them. once the vehicle gets somersaulting you pop out and sometimes get killed.....
  6. same here. after every patch i have a theme'd objective. this time it was to drive up every mountain with my double-rover-trolley and flatten the top and place a beacon and build a structure i could see from a distance to help identify the location. i haven't played in days. but i think i am going to go back in and connect all the mountain tops together, that i have climbed. what do you guys do? would love to borrow a theme....?
  7. now THAT is cool, a different cool, not Astroneer cool, but cool
  8. nice....... I'm gonna date myself: but years .... awhile ago i played a game called Blood. you could get different items to enhance your character, one of them was jump boots. so cool